If you come to Cape Town and want to make conversation with locals, just be British and talk about the weather. Although, in Cape Town, it is more suitable to comment on how wonderful the rain is, rather than the fact that the relentless damp is starting to make your sweaters smell funny. The water shortage here is real. A Capetonian friend tells me that the reservoir is at 35% and will run out sometime late in February/early March, at which point chaos will ensue. The price to access boreholes is already soaring. It’s hard to know the true facts, but one thing everyone is agreed on: Cape Town is in trouble and desperately needs rain after two dry winters. The local shamans have their work cut out.

View from Roundhouse Cape Town. The city needs rain.

It’s all very beautiful, but Cape Town desperately needs rain. The mountains are already black from fire.

On the subject of spiritual guides, I visited a healer last week. Before you accuse me of drinking the Cape Town Kool-Aid, the incentive came from reading a book by Lynne McTaggart called The Intention Experiment. The book touches on quantum physics as a basis for spiritual healing, and provides reams of scientific evidence to support the theory that our thoughts are physically manifested in sub-atomic terms. It states that our thoughts are incredibly powerful and may have the ability to heal; and perhaps even that, once created, they can never be destroyed. A very good reason to maintain a positive mindset!

My Dad always used to be deeply interested in quantum physics, and would occasionally attempt to debate the observer effect and such paradoxical considerations as Schrödinger’s Cat with us – typically met by his children with blank stares and stifled yawns. Maybe it’s Cape Town getting under my skin, or perhaps it was the 7th anniversary of Dad’s death, but the sense that there’s more going on than traditional science dictates is starting to intrigue me. And when you go to places like Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, as I did to remember my father “the gardener” last week, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the idea that all living things are somehow interlinked.

Cape Town Spiritualism. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

So, this healer I visited performed many tasks, including the “cutting of chords” (ending connections with certain individuals), a dive into past lives and the “unblocking” of channels which may be holding me back. Most of these processes involved crystals. It sounds mad and it felt mad. Of course it’s hard to say whether any effects from these are placebo/psychosomatic or real, but does it really matter if the outcome is the same? Regardless, it was an intriguing experience and being genuinely open-minded is my biggest priority while I’m out here. Barely a day goes past when I don’t meet someone going on a guided spiritual journey with the help of a guru and magic mushrooms. And it’s normal – people don’t laugh or deride, they say “I can’t wait to hear all about it”. In fact, micro-dosing mushrooms every 4 days seems to be fairly common practice.

Cape Town spiritualism

Source: miriadna.com

Aside from sharing my energy field with my past lives (apparently I was a man working in a distillery in the 15th century – explains my height for sure, and deep affection for alcohol), there has been plenty of other excitement in October. As a result of this, I have been forced to up my climbing and yoga efforts to keep the pounds off. For the former, I have taken on an incredibly fit and talented climbing instructor. Well, partly to keep the pounds off, but mostly so I can ask him to show me exactly how to do a pull-up/press-up/dynamic move and watch his muscles ripple and… Sorry, where was I?

Yes. My endurance training also includes attempting a pull up. Not being able to drag my 10.5st hungover carcass up by my skinny arms is apparently just a “mental block”. I’m not so sure. But battle on I will, because I’m a stubborn b*stard. The hot vinyasa yoga is hilarious. I stand about a foot taller than anyone else and all you can see in the mirror is me wobbling around all over the place, falling out of my eagle pose and generally sweating buckets over the heads of a well-practiced class. But persevere I will.

Cape Town Spiritualism

How I don’t look when I do yoga

But it’s not all been caring for my tortured soul. Come back next week to hear about “Friday Club” and other shenanigans. But, perhaps most excitingly, I am working on a tall girl collaboration out here which has me plunged (hint, hint) headfirst into a very exciting design challenge. Watch this space.

And the shamans must have worked their magic because the heavens have just opened…