Top 5 Skinny Jeans

Our comfort blanket, happy place, hygge time. Skinny jeans are our old friends. We occasionally break away and make new friends, maybe even a boyfriend, but we always return to our old friends.

HøFSisters Top 5

Long legs skinny jeans tall women

Donna Ida Ivy

Donna Ida Ivy – discovering these jeans was one of those rare moments of sheer joy for a tall girl. The realisation that you are going to be able to find the perfect jeans for your long legs after all. Years of disappointment forgotten. Not a huge amount of elastic, but they stretch just enough for the perfect fit. Han has them in black and dark blue, the perfect smart jeans.

Frame Forever Karlie

Frame Forever Karlie

Frame Forever Karlie – you had better get your act together buying a pair of these because every time we check fewer and fewer retailers stock them. The result of a collaboration between Frame Denim and the leggy beauty Karlie Kloss, these come with a 36.5″ inseam. We have been known to roll them up…

Long legs jeans tall women

Goldsign Misfit

Goldsign Misfit – Lure (skinny) and Misfit (straight) are the two styles you want to look out for in a 34″ or 35″ inseam. They have a good amount of stretch so  don’t worry if you’re normally after a 35″ or 36″ inseam – these are definitely long enough, and also incredibly comfortable.

Jeans long legs women tall denim

Gestuz Emily

Gestuz Emily – we’ve talked about Gestuz before on HøFSisters. They’re a tall-friendly Danish brand so always worth testing on a long limb or two if you come across them in a boutique. Their jeans come in at a 34″ inseam in a size 12 and 36″ inseam in a size 14. And remember, everything Scandi is cool

Long legs jeans denim tall women

Dr Denim Plenty

Dr Denim Plenty & Lexy – Han was encouraged to try on Dr Denim’s Lexy by a lovely lady working at The Mercantile in Spitalfields. It was the end of a long day of trying on a LOT of clothes and they looked small. Comically small. Muttering under her breath she jumped, hopped and wiggled her way into the jeans. It expended a lot of energy but once they were on, wow. They call them second skin jeans. Yup. They stretch to fit you everywhere that is needed and the leg length is impressive – not as long as the Karlie or Ivy for sure but a wonderful legging-style jean. The Plenty is the straight leg version and has additional length, “long enough for 6 footers” we are assured.

*For reference Han has a 36.5″ inside leg measurement.