End Of An Era

Separated by a mere 7 stops of the 220 bus for over a decade, I have been in denial...

Dressing For An Indian Summer

This is one of the rare occasions I will write about an outfit that could be worn both in...

Dreaming Of Denim Shorts And Rosé

The raindrops are hammering against my windows in a miserable London as I scroll through these sunny Cretan pics. The memories...

Simplicity Is The Key

So, two weeks ago, I made the fateful decision to pick up my dusty racket and accept an invitation...

EXCLUSIVE: High Tops Have Landed On Planet HøF 🚀

Almost exactly a year ago Zoe and I started blogging. Brief musings on growing up, having big feet, Danish...

End Of An Era


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About us

Hello, We're HøFSisters!

We are Hannah and Zoe, two sisters based between London and Cape Town, who happen to be above averagely tall. We could talk about how we’ve taken the fashion world by storm and were once muses to the world’s greatest designers; but we haven’t, and we weren’t. So who are we? Well, we’re just two 6ft sisters trying to make our way in a world designed for the fivers.


Interview With Our Silk Shirt Winner

HøFSisters channel the 80's with padded shoulders and high waisted jeans

Turn Up The Volume

My exercise regime typically revolves around the upper body – swimming and climbing are the sporting passions of my thirties. Show me an arm-wrestle and I’m in. Show me a lunge and I’m on the floor in agony grasping at…

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Styling tips for tall women: athleisure

Earning My Stripes

What exactly do people mean when they talk about ‘athleisure’ wear? Does it mean regular clothes that make you look like you go to the gym? Or maybe lycra that you would happily wear to the pub? I’m not really…

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HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal: styling raw hem denim denim, mules and a cashmere knit

A Pink Knit To Beat The Blues

Coming back from a great holiday can be a difficult thing. I’m writing this from my living room table; freezing cold feet, crazed from lack of sleep and lathered in fake tan just to keep it all alive. My carefree holiday spirit, tuned for maximum…

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HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal: Denim Jacket and Spotted Skirt

Spot the Difference

So, it’s been another fun week at HøFSisters’ HQ, with a bit of ‘down-time’ thrown in for both Han and I. While I’ve been spending a blustery half-term with the kids in Norfolk, Han has flown off to visit friends…

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tall fashion blog cargo pants

Precious Cargo On Board

Zo will agree when I tell you I’m always banging on about wanting trousers that aren’t jeans. When I’m forced out of my pyjamas and actually have to get dressed like a normal human being (i.e when I’m not working from home, and…

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Jewellery To Feed The Soul

Following on from last week’s reflection of where we want to go with HøF, we now need to ask ourselves some difficult questions about what falls into this HøF-approved...

Jumpsuit Highs

Getting High on Zoe's Birthday

After obligatory test runs at Berners Tavern, Quaglino’s and Sexy Fish – all requiring the consumption of vast quantities of tequila – Zoe decided that her 40th birthday celebrations...