Stacking black and gold jewellery by Soul Design

Following on from last week’s reflection of where we want to go with HøF, we now need to ask ourselves some difficult questions about what falls into this HøF-approved category and what does not. For sure we will always love high quality materials and classic styles that will stand the test of time. But is it only fashion that we will wear regularly, or can we also consider items worn infrequently but kept forever? A black tie dress or a sequin jacket, for example. And should we also consider the broader question of ethics? Pondering this last one reminded me of a wonderful jewellery brand in Cape Town which I have been meaning to feature for a while.

Hannah Sharman wears a BeachCult bikini with jewellery by Soul Design, both South African brands

Wishbone Necklace, R550 (approx £33) and Tuereg Bangles, R299 (approx £18)

The jewellery throughout this post is by Soul Design (featured previously here) and consists of ethically and sustainably sourced materials from all over Africa. Over years of travels the brand’s owner and designer Abi James has established a network of artisans who provide her with the precious stones, beads, wood and brass from which she makes this beautiful jewellery. You will find tooth and bone pendants too – the sustainable by-products of traditional processes carried out in the local communities she sources from. The tooth pendant, for example, is the by-product of camel herders in Northern Kenya who have been herding camels for meat for some time now in response to climate change – a survival strategy against reduced rainfall and more frequent droughts.

Stack black and brass ethically-sourced jewellery for a striking beach look

Juju African Bracelet, Tuereg Bangle, Tooth Necklace, Half Moon & Cowrie Shell Necklaces – SEE NOW

The necklaces and bracelets work beautifully on their own or stacked, for greater impact. Stack brass and cow bone pendants, camel teeth, beads, tassels and more to form wonderfully unique pieces of Africa-inspired jewellery. There’s a fab video on the Soul Design website showing Abi working with local brass smiths in East Africa (watch this here). You can not get further away from the mass-produced stuff you will typically find a dozen deep in a high street store. Each piece is ethically handmade (so, there will be variations) and sustainably sourced, boosting wealth where it’s most needed. And whats more, you won’t find anyone else wearing it.

Stack white and gold ethically handmade jewellery for a striking summer look

Swahili Coptic Wooden Necklace & Hamsa Pendant

IF YOU WANT TO BUY ANY PIECES, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT INFO@HOFSISTERS.COM – we will aggregate orders to avoid shipping costs. Please note, delivery turnaround will be determined by number of orders, but we will not ask for money before we have confirmed delivery date.


Stack Black

Stack black and gold jewellery for a striking beach look

Ebony Masaai Cuff & Ring

Stacking black and brass ethically-sourced jewellery with beachwear

Tuereg Bangles and Juju Africa Bracelet Ebony Hues – SEE HERE

Summer Whites

Stack white and gold jewellery for a striking summer look

Bone Masaai Cuff, Tuareg Bangle, Juju Africa Bead Bracelet, Afro Hoops – SEE NOW

Stack white and gold jewellery for a striking summer look

Bone Ring, R399 – SEE NOW

Feeling Blue?

Stacking blue beaded jewellery

Juju Disc Bracelet, Juju African Bead Bracelet, Addis Coptic Necklace – SEE HERE 

Stacking blue beaded jewellery


The personalised bar necklace, handmade from brass – R450 (approx. £30) – SEE NOW. A thoughtful gift for a loved one. I bought one of these for a friend getting married – their names engraved and the date of the wedding.

Brass pendant by Soul Design

The Aztec Earrings – R399 (approx, £25) – how can you not love a big dangly earring? SEE HERE.

Aztec brass earrings by Soul Design

Everything is made by hand in Cape Town, so to make life easier and more cost-effective we will aggregate orders. Please email Hannah at if you would like to order any jewellery from Soul Design.

Jewellery: All by Soul Design

Swimwear: All by BeachCult

Spraytan: @bronzemevita