Interview with tall girl Sarah Elizabeth Bradbury

Following on from our interview with the captivating journalist and author, Dolly Alderton, we continue our series of profiles on inspiring and successful tall women with another writer, Sarah Elizabeth Bradbury. Sarah, 27, is one of the leading fashion and beauty writers for entertainment magazines in the UK, and has been at Now magazine for the last 5 years. Her Instagram is a beautifully curated collection of inspirational photos, fashion & beauty desires, life snaps, memes and Delavigne-esque selfies. Hannah couldn’t wait to ask her about her top tips as a 6ft tall girl… Read the full interview here:

I remember vividly when we met because when I asked you if you liked being tall you exclaimed “I LOVE IT!”. What do you enjoy most about your height?

I think it’s the feeling of, probably sounds a bit cringe, but being like an Amazonian Goddess! I’ve never wanted to be smaller. My mum used to tell me I couldn’t wear heels because I was always tall and would tower over my friends but I didn’t really mind. I feel empowered as a strong female and height shouldn’t been seen as something weird.

Tell us a little bit about your career. When did you know you wanted to write for a living?

So I write about fashion and beauty for some of the women’s titles at Time Inc including Now and Woman. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion – I still remember my first Vogue cover. It was the Christmas edition with Elton John playing the piano and Liz Hurley sat on the piano and it had these gold embossed stars on the cover. After school, I worked in retail as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do at Uni. I worked for some retailers like Jack Wills, Ralph Lauren Outlet at Bicester Village and Harrods for Marc By Marc. After sometime, I realised that I loved the fashion but not the job and basically applied for work experience at a few mags and started at More Magazine. They were the only magazine not to shut the door in my face as most looked for previous experience. After interning there for 2 weeks, I later interned at Heat, Stella at the Telegraph and Now where I found my big break and have never left! It will be five years this year!

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You write about fashion and beauty. It can be tricky to shop the high street at our height (and foot size!). How do you approach shopping and what are your favourite brands?

It can be really difficult finding places to shop being so tall (5’11) and not having much choice like the rest of the world but ASOS Tall, Long Tall Sally and Topshop have some great pieces! The jeans at River Island in the tall section are also amazing! The Molly is my favourite! (Shop now)

Do you date people shorter than you?

If I was asked out on dates, maybe? If they have a great personality, make me laugh and don’t send me a picture of their penis within the first five seconds of chatting, I’m sure they can’t be that bad! Just look at Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum!

Do you use dating apps? If so, do you put your height on them and how do people react to that?

I use all the apps – with not much success! I have my height on there and I guess I subconsciously look for those who are taller than me – I have this tiny voice in my head which is my mum saying ‘think of the wedding photos’. Most men don’t always and if they have good chat, I won’t always ask.

What are the 3 beauty products you can’t live without right now?

Oh wow! Only 3? Would have to be the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara – it does wonders with your lashes! Glossier Boy Brow and… Super Facialist Retinol + Anti-Ageing Night Cream. It’s a magic cream and great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles!

You totally rock the eyebrows and red lipstick vibe. Who would you credit as your style icons?

Awww thanks! Probably classic beauties like Miranda Kerr, Margot Robbie and of course, Rosie Huntington Whitley. It’s about accentuating the things you like most on your face and I’m lucky my eye brows grew black!

What is the most useful thing you can do with your height? As practical or as silly as you like!

Haha! Probably hiding things or helping those shorter than myself when it comes to shopping – those Sainsbury’s shelves can be hellish!

If money weren’t an object, where would you go, who would you go with and what would you wear?

WHAT A QUESTION! Probably… Somewhere where I could party, have some alone time and a bit of culture. I went to Bali before Christmas and that ticked a lot of those boxes. Otherwise Bora Bora for some serious ‘me time’ and relaxation! I’d probably go alone or take my sister as a treat. What would I wear? Probably Zara, ASOS and treat myself to a YSL or Gucci bag at the airport!

What advice would you give to tall girls who are perhaps struggling with their height or simply want to blend in?

I think to just own it. Your height isn’t going anywhere and if anything, you’re only going to get taller! Don’t be ashamed of you who are and those that make jokes or take the mick are only jealous. I had all the nicknames at school and you just have to go with it. One day boys grow up – I’m still waiting for most to!

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