Just before we get onto this week’s Top 5… We should probably just state that, of course, we do not condone irresponsible drinking and it is almost certainly a terrible idea to consume more than your recommended daily intake of units of alcohol. Probably best not to mix your drinks either. Or drunk dial. Or booty call. Or shop when hungover. In fact, make decisions of any kind when you are a) drunk or b) hungover.

Great, so now we’ve got that out of the way, this is what HøFSisters are going to be drinking this Christmas.

HøF Top 5

cocktail recipes for christmas

The King: Negroni

  1. Negroni – our winning drink by a long shot (see what we did there?), and having something of a revival. Honestly, I felt relief when we discovered this drink. Up to that point a decision had to be made between a whole load of drinks I didn’t really want. One of the easiest cocktails to make, it’s amazing how many bars mess this up. Just remember 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. The original (and in our minds, best) is gin, campari and vermouth (rosso, always rosso) with a sliver of orange peel. Best to have one giant, ice cube that doesn’t quickly melt and dilute your drink. If a Negroni seems a bit too strong or bitter, there are a number of variations on the classic, one of which is…

    sbagliato christmas cocktails

    Sbagliato: yes, it looks much like a negroni but it’s a little lighter and a little sweeter

  2. Sbagliato – maybe you can tell by now we prefer bitter drinks to sweet drinks, but this comes a little lighter than a negroni, because you switch the gin for Prosecco, Spumante or if you’re feeling posh, champers (still 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 + orange peel). That means you can drink at least 3/4 of this before you hit your recommended daily limit. Safety first.

    dark and stormy best christmas cocktails

    Dark N Stormy: Dreaming of sunnier climes

  3. Dark & Stormy – if your sweet tooth is up at arms about at the first two, this one’s for you. The only sweet drink I enjoy consuming at length (I mean until my daily units are up ?). Dark rum, fresh lime and ginger beer. Like being on an exotic holiday.

    margarita best christmas cocktails

    Margarita: If you need some assistance

  4. Margherita – a kick up the backside if you’re feeling the December fatigue. We read somewhere (probably The Daily Mail) that it’s been scientifically proven (by The Daily Mail) that tequila makes you happy and is in fact the only alcohol which acts as “an upper”. We are inclined to agree. In fact, I could write a whole blog post just on tequila and mezcal, because if you can’t have a good night on these, you need to check your pulse. Tequila – 1 part, Triple Sec – 1/2 part, lime juice – 1/2 part, lime wedge and salt to line the glass (enough to make you sneeze). Night Night.

    bloody mary best christmas cocktails

    Bloody Mary: I am your friend, I will make you feel better

  5. Bloody Mary – the only drink that can sort you out after all of the above. Everyone has their own secret ingredient when it comes to the great BM. Ours is tequila. Make the usual drink with voddie, tomato juice, a teaspoon of mustard (or horseradish), celery salt, a grind of pepper, a lemon wedge and a celery stalk. At the end add a capful of tequila and mix it all up. The ultimate hair of the dog and you’ll be back dancing on tables before you can say Bloody Maria.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Love HøFSisters ? xxxx