Tall fashion bloggers and sisters Hannah and Zoe, of HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal

Separated by a mere 7 stops of the 220 bus for over a decade, I have been in denial of Zoe’s imminent departure from London. No more post-workout coffees or spontaneous nights. No more still slightly drunk pedicures, the iron fists of the massage chairs beating our hangovers into submission, as we debrief on the night before. It finally dawned on me last weekend, as we stoically battled through back-to-back parties, that I am going to be wing-woman down.

Tall sisters Hannah and Zoe style tuxedos.

She is only moving to Oxfordshire or, as Zoe puts it, “just down the road”. And there will be a spare room for me. I did, after all, go to Cape Town for 6 months so it’s not as if we aren’t used to living many miles apart. But it feels like the end of an era. London has allowed us to live our lives as freely as possible within the boundaries of our responsibilities. We could head out for a drink at the drop of a hat, maybe get the call up for dinner with Hugh Grant (in my youth, sigh), head to one of this vibrant city’s summer festivals and dance a sunny London day away to deep house, happy house, drum & bass and techno. But as with all change, the anticipation of it is worse than the reality. And nostalgia gives way to new opportunity. Change forces us out of our comfortable little bubbles.

Tall sisters Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal

I recently came across the slogan of a fantastic little travel company called Untravelled Paths (didn’t think Romania was a top holiday spot? Think again). It says “when you come to a fork in the road…. take it”. We are so often paralysed by indecision. My path is currently forking in more directions than the royal family tree, so I’m just taking each day as it comes. I keep reminding myself, whether I end up overseas, back at Uni or back in the City no decision will be the wrong one, just as no decision will necessarily be the right one. I just have to pick a fork.

Cashmere jumpers for tall women with long arms. Rainbows, zigzags and neon pops.

These photos remind me of how much fun we have had in the search for beautiful, quality clothes for tall women and my excitement about the future is tinged with sadness for what we leave behind. But, on a personal level, I am looking forward to exploring less tangible fields, fuelled by an obsession with reading books about hidden worlds – whether it be trees, the ocean, consciousness or quantum theory.

HøFSisters jumping in P448 Italian trainers

HøFSisters will be trickier from now on; planning shoots will be challenging from a logistical perspective, and we will both be exploring other fields. As such, our Tall Fashion Journal may become more of a general journal, punctuated by less sartorially-orientated posts. We appreciate that this may not be welcome to some, but the end of an era means the beginning of another, and we hope you will join us on our new journeys. Thank you for joining us so far. H&Z xx

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Tall sisters Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal