We’re nothing if not magpies at HøF HQ; Zo and I both love a bit of sparkly goodness. For me, the upside to finding a boyfriend might be the added weight in jewellery, perhaps enough to balance out the added weight in stress. Jokes, obvs. Boys are totally great. I am particularly drawn to the ones with enormous egos (what did you think I was going to say?) who take themselves very seriously. The typical cycle goes 1) won over by almost sociopathic charm 2) get rather lovesick when they decide they aren’t interested after all (usually the moment I decide I like them) 3) get over them by having a raucous laugh at their expense with various obliging friends 4) christen a special emoji with their name (?). Anyway, if there’s a nice man out there reading this (probably a bit weird, but that’s cool), I promise not to name an emoji after you if you choose something nice from the list below:


Up and coming jewellery designers: colourful stones.

Robinson Pelham – oh the colours! Our inner magpies are fluttering with excitement. You’re going to want to get a few more piercings in your ears because the mini orb hoops are addictive. Just ask Zoe. And once you have the orbs you can add little charms. Also addictive. Sign up to their newsletter to keep in the loop with sales and piercing parties (yep, get another hole, get a discount). I’ve got my eye on a mini single orb hoop with blue sapphires, £260.


Bex Rox – for the beautiful cuffs with their trademark chunky, magnetic locks. Even the shakiest of hands can do up these bracelets, which snap together in a very satisfying manner. They come in a variety of colours and widths to suit all wrist types. Look out for the Alabama Cuff, £230.


Rosie Fortescue Jewellery – I went along to Rosie’s launch brunch at Scoop this year, more out of an interest in blogger turned brand then any particular desire to see the collection. But it would be an understatement to say I was impressed with her designs. The angles, colours and use of different metals to stack really unique layers of jewellery were eye-catching to say the least. Moreover the price point is totally accessible. This black rhodium heartbeat ring with pink stones is on my wish list, £65.


Up and coming jewellery designers: colourful stones.

Monica Vinader – like when you were a tween and used to make your BFF of the moment a bracelet from different coloured strings to cement your friendship. Only this time you buy them for your BFF (or sister) and they’re really, really nice. Our favourite: the rose gold Fiji bracelet with peach string, £125.


Up and coming jewellery designers: colourful stones.

Sophie Harley – London-based designer of the famous Algerian Loveknot necklace worn by Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. You can visit her Notting Hill studio to browse the collection or discuss your own design. At a cool £2,280 the Loveknot may be out of reach but there are other beautiful designs for a fraction of the price, like this Chubby Winged Heart Necklace, £133.


Cashmere jumpers for tall women with long arms.

Double Halo Necklace, £165, Claudia Bradby

Claudia Bradby Jewellery – we love classic with a twist, and Claudia Bradby’s pearls reimagined are just that. Keep an eye out for her latest Savanna collection, inspired by her travels to Namibia (if you’ve been there, you’ll know why) and also the beautiful Double Halo necklace in rose gold, as seen above, £165.