Wrist warmers are essential in HøF households. With our orang-utan like arms, sleeves are rarely long enough, and while we are happy to roll them up for an intentional cropped look, this becomes untenable in the winter. Perhaps it is something to do with the almost unfeasible distance from our heart to our hands but the latter are permanently cold. A pair of cashmere wrist warmers are always at the ready, with the added benefit of leaving fingers free for easy phone access. Here we reveal our Top 5 wrist warmers that should be in every tall girl’s wardrobe this winter.

HøF Top 5

white company grey wrist warmers cashmere

White Company Essential Wrist Warmers, £39

The White Company, £39 – White Company wrist warmers are a HøF annual ritual. Beautiful soft cashmere and elegant neutral colours that work with any outfit. This year they are made in stretch rib so are particularly comfortable.

brora cashmere wrist warmers monochrome black white

Brora Scandinavian Wrist Warmers, £55

Brora, £39-£55 – the Rolls Royce of cashmere. These wrist warmers feel expensive; luxuriously thick and so warm. They come in a range of colours including on trend animal prints and the fashion world’s favourite colours of the season, Berry and Pine. HøF, for obvious reasons, love Scandinavian monochrome, pictured above.

hush cashmere wrist warmers black

Hush Cashmere Wrist Warmers, £35

Hush, £35 – these are double layered and a little longer for extra warmth. The black cashmere is so smart you can wear them to the office.

cove cashmere wrist warmers grey neon hofsisters

Cove Cashmere Wrist Warmers, £35

Cove, £35 – no HøF Top 5 is complete without the obligatory pop of neon option. If, like us, you feel your winter wardrobe is too dark and the high street is endless black and grey, these are a great way to brighten up any outfit. Grey with a pop of neon yellow or pink.

Turtle Doves reversible wrist warmers navy

Turtle Doves Navy & Blue Reversible Wrist Warmers, £27

Turtle Doves, £27 – in this age of consumerism and waste, it is a joy to discover small British companies like Turtle Doves, who recycle old cashmere and woollens to create beautiful new products. We love these navy and blue reversible wrist warmers, perfect if you are feeling indecisive about colour choice, and great value too.