In a dramatic break from tall fashion, we are directing our HøF Top 5 energy to that other critical aesthetic challenge – pumpkin carving. If you’re seeking inspiration this Halloween, look no further – HøFSisters have it covered.

HøF Top 5

halloween pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Crazy Leaf Design

Simple yet effective, this is one of the most expressive faces carved into a vegetable we have ever seen. The anthropomorphism of vegetables is a wonderful thing – create your own story. Perhaps Mr Pumpkin has just witnessed Mrs Pumpkin cavorting with an aubergine. Or perhaps its creator is returning with a sharp knife to carve some ears.

snail pumpkin halloween

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

If you have a pumpkin, squash and 2 ping pong balls kicking around, then a Halloween snail is just the ticket. A little different from the usual pumpkin face and far less sinister.

Halloween pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Twisted Sifter

10/10 for effort. If you have a lot of time on your hands, infinite patience and artistic talent then you should be exhibiting at the Royal Academy. But if that’s not your bag, try turning your hand to this tiger pumpkin instead.

deranged pumpkin halloween

Ibiza Pumpkin ?

hearts pumpkin halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all heebie jeebies. Have a Happy Hygge Halloween and carve hearts instead.

Special Mention

halloween pumpkin

Photo Courtesy of Daily FunFeed

Literally amazing.