Back in the day (when I worked in one of those… umm… office things), while having a natter around the water cooler, us girls used to proclaim how unfair it was that we didn’t get a tights allowance. There are just so many little ladder-inducing obstacles that a man could have no idea about: a microscopic wood splinter under a desk, a fingernail that isn’t painstakingly rounded, velcro on an umbrella strap. In fact, just velcro in general. I even managed to ladder my tights on my lunch once (well, Pret packaging anyway).

Moreover, as anyone reading this blog will know, tights when you are tall can be one of those things that really puts you in a mood right from the start of the day. As you are wriggling and writhing, perhaps even hopping or jumping to hoik your tights up around your crotch, you inevitably sacrifice a few more pairs to a bin already overflowing with nylon. When you’re laddering tights at the rate of approximately 2-3 pairs a week, it’s a financial burden akin to a student loan. Or at least a minor gambling habit, without any of the upside.

Top tips:

  1. Invest in a pair of hosiery gloves and save yourself a lot of ladders
  2. Keep your nails filed

We don’t get our legs into tights so often these days but it still happens enough to warrant putting time and energy into sharing our favourites with you. So here are the Top 5 pairs that have worked best for us over the years. Rated on a combination of resistance to laddering, ability to cover our long limbs, staying put once they’re there and value for money. Click on the images or links to shop!

HøF Top 5


HøFSisters list the best tight for tall women with long legs

Wolford Pure 50

Wolford (£17-43 & a merino pair at £90!) – at the luxury end, Wolford caters to long limbs across their range of tights. They state on their packaging that they fit up to 6’1, but we reckon it’s more like 6’3, especially on the higher denier tights. Undeniably beautiful, expensive-looking and soft to the touch with a good level of snag resistance. Our favourites are the Pure 50 which we wear in Large – they are lovely but at £34, a ladder can (financially) ruin your day

HøFSisters list the best tight for tall women with long legs

Falke Matt Opaque 100 Dernier

Falke (£10-45) – we particularly love the matt opaque tights from Falke – the 100 denier come in at £24 but will last forever so great value for money. Also the knitted tights are lovely and can be purchased in a range of colours; perfect if you are after a fun vibe. Pair knitted tights with a dress, perhaps floral or in a complementary colour, and try to match them with something else in your outfit, for example your hat, as seen on A Clothes Horse (below). For freezing cold days, layer a pair of patterned socks over the top.

styling knitted tights

Source: A Clothes Horse


HøFSisters list the best tight for tall women with long legs

Divine Legs Super Light Matt 50

Divine Legs (£9-16) – these tights have been one of our best discoveries since starting out on the HøF journey. More affordable than Wolfords, and almost as luxurious, they’re a bit of a squeeze to get into but stick with it, because once they are on, jeepers do they make your legs look great! They compress and flatter in all the right places. We found the Super Light Matt Tights (50 denier) were the perfect level of opacity for a mini-skirt and boots look, while the 20 denier were perfect for work and evening wear. The whole range is currently running at 25% OFF (no code required) and you can get an EXTRA 5% OFF with the code HOFSISTERS5 on your first purchase (expiring 28th Feb 2017). Oh and they also have a subscription service and a ladder proof range (the answer to our water cooler grumble?)


HøFSisters list the best tight for tall women with long legs

Caledonia Soft Touch Tights

Calzedonia (£5-17) – we are big fans of this high street brand. The Soft Touch 30 denier semi-opaque and 50 denier matt opaque tights at £7 are our favourites (as worn in Say It With Flowers), with our only criticism being a slight weakness in the toe area over time – so keep your toe nails short! They stay up wonderfully well and are oh so soft!

HøFSisters list the best tight for tall women with long legs

Levante Eclipse Natural Tights

Levante (£7-16) – we particularly love these for their sheer skin-coloured Eclipse 15 denier tights. Not being big fans of shiny tights, we prefer this soft matt style, which are available for £7 up to X-Tall (stated as up to 6’1 – we say comfortably so). A great choice for sheer tights at an affordable price.