Tall Fashion Clothing Scandi inspired business meeting work outfit

The last couple of weeks have been busy for HøFSisters. The new website has launched and suddenly our hobby and passion for Scandi-inspired, tall fashion is becoming something altogether more serious. We’re so excited but also aware that our staple wardrobe of denim, t-shirt and pumps isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to workwear. We need to scrub up.

The Challenge: An Outfit For An Important Meeting

Zoe has long been a fan of March on Fulham Road, which stocks a veritable treasure trove of HøF’s favourite style – effortlessly elegant clothing. We cannot say enough how important it is for us tall women to visit independent boutiques to broaden our fashion horizons –  so we suggest you take a trip to March and browse the rails. Let us know what you find!

Tall Clothing Outfit Inspiration Business Meeting

HøFSisters visited March recently to find workwear outfits for an important upcoming meeting. The challenge: to look chic, sophisticated and in control but approachable and not intimidating, the latter particularly tricky for a duo of 6′ sisters.

We will reveal Han’s look next week but this week is about Zoe, who admits that the school runs and supermarket sweep of her daily life don’t provide many opportunities to dress smartly. Since a young age Zoe has tended more towards a casual, understated, almost tomboyish style of dressing. Perhaps more a result of having 3 brothers and a wardrobe full of their clothes, than an innate sense of gender fluid style.

Tall business meeting work outfit scandi fashion

The Solution: Elegant Basics & Statement Accessories

Zoe immediately picked out this grey Marella sport skirt on arrival at March. Marella is part of the MaxMara Group, one of the few Italian brands that actually works for tall women.The length is perfect for tall – long enough to be professional but short enough to be far from boring.

This elegant, lightweight MaxMara blouse we bought a few years ago in Milan. The black trim ties the whole outfit together and there’s a simple pleasure in breathing new life into an old favourite. It’s the sign of a successful, hard-working wardrobe.

Zoe chose one of her own belts so that it matched this stunning Sézane handbag. If you’re not already aware of Sézane, follow them on Instagram. They have a very clean and achingly cool feed which will have you tapping your credit card digits into their site in no time.

Tall business meeting work outfit scandi fashion

HøFSisters are lucky enough to have grown up without developing a handbag habit – no Birkins in our wardrobe. We believe that you don’t need to go mad here. Yes, a designer handbag may be a great treat but if you scratch beneath the surface there many wonderful, high quality brands like Sézane in the affordable luxury bracket which will give you equal if not far better cost per wear. Instagram is a great place to find these.

The brassy gold from the belt and handbag we ran through to the shoes as well. It’s always nice to link up accessories – but it’s not always possible, and by no means essential. These Rupert Sanderson pointed embellished heels we picked up in Bicester Village last year. Again, a great place to try – they go up to a UK size 10 in certain styles and the discount is significant.

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Tall Fashion Workwear inspiration business accessories

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