Tall workwear clothing work trousers women

The best thing about quitting finance is quitting workwear. Not having to dress up like a corporate stooge day in, day out. Well, that and the daily Central Line Commute des Sables. And the same Pod Slow Burner Salad Monday-Friday. And… Well… This, actually, could be a long list.

So, given my elation at being out of all that uber-serious, let’s watch little green and red lights flash on a screen all day stuff, you must understand that getting dressed for an important HøFSisters meeting gave me the heeby-jeebies. Call it FOBA (Fear Of Business Attire). My old workwear had been gathering dust, pushed to the deepest recesses of my wardrobe, like the corporate memories in my mind.

Tall workwear clothing work trousers women

The MaxMara Group – Friends Of Tall

When Zoe suggested a trip to March on Fulham Road, I jumped at the chance to build a new, smart wardrobe to go with my new happy HøF memories. You may remember Zoe’s beautiful grey skirt from last week by Marella, part of the MaxMara Group. iBlues, the brand behind these luxuriously long black trousers, is part of the same group. The lovely people down at MaxMara are such delightful human beings that they leave hems unfinished, so women of all heights can enjoy the fruits of their labour. It makes sense doesn’t it?

tall workwear tall work trousers long legs office

Northern Europe vs Southern Europe

HøFSisters’ Danish genes love clean, modern, monochrome – it doesn’t get much sharper than black and white. However, if you’re not careful you might end up looking like you’re missing a tray of champagne flutes so avoid a severe cut shirt and opt instead for something more whimsical. Masscob is a fantastic Spanish brand which blends modern and vintage beautifully. The sleeves of this chalk silk blouse are wonderfully long; perfectly on the wrist – a Spanish brand, can you believe it? There we are, always banging on about Scandi-this, Dutch-that and how great the Northern European brands are for long limbs and this time the Romantics have come out on top.

To finish the outfit, I added a pop of my favourite and luckiest colour (yes, I am 7 years old) in the form of my new Milli Millu Stockholm Bag. It is literally (well, maybe not literally) the best thing I have ever bought. There are two things in my life right now that make me giggle with joy every time I see them – my silly car and my bright blue handbag.

tall workwear tall work trousers long legs office clothes