Zo and I have been on the hunt for jumpers with sleeves long enough to pull over our cold, blue hands our entire lives. This Wildfox number goes the full length (and more). It also states what everyone who knows me is thinking. A certain good friend calls me a “bag of spanners”. This may sound harsh, indeed it often feels harsh, but he has seen me at times when the clanking is at near illegal decibels.

Aside from generally unruly behaviour, the Bag of Spanners title was officially bestowed because of a stint of poor decision making (measuring the length of most of my adult life). If there is an impulsive, poorly thought-through decision to be made, with short term pleasure in abundance but to the detriment of long term satisfaction, this bag of spanners will make it. Although, I suspect I’m not the only bag of spanners out there in this regard?

Tall Fashion Wildfox Sweater Jumper Loafers Jeans Long Inseam


On to the delightful brand behind this most apt of jumpers (or sweaters I should say).  Wildfox. LA-based vintage-inspired knitwear brand set up by two best friends. I reckon those girls are the kind of people HøFSisters would love to hang out with because their clothes are seriously fun to wear. This particular jumper does have an unfortunate get-out-of-jail-free card effect on me. Rather like those people who caveat the beginning of a relationship with “by the way, I’m a massive commitment-phobe” and then say “well, I did warn you” when it doesn’t work out. (Please tell me you’ve had that too?)

HøF Tip: aside from their quirky, uncannily accurate statements and super-soft knit, Wildfox jumpers have very long sleeves. As a tall girl, there is only one thing more sartorially pleasurable than a maxi dress hitting the ground, and that’s sleeves which you can pull all the way over your hands. Seriously, it’s tall girl hedonism.

Tall Fashion Wildfox Sweater Jumper Loafers Jeans Long Inseam


Another HøF Tip: HøFSisters have finally found the perfect pair of skinnies for tall girls: the Donna Ida Ivy. They are the perfect balance of stretch and structure, they hit the ankle bone and are mid-high waisted, not Simon Cowell high-waisted. A staple skinny.

The irony is I’ve only gone and rolled them up.

Tall Fashion Large Feet Embellished Loafers


In truth, it’s so you can see these fantastic Tod’s leather loafers, complete with lots of silver glitter (same effect as gold shoes). They were an exclusive design for My Theresa but have a little look there in other styles, of which there are many up to a size 9.

I am a total car nut and admit to having naughty dreams about owning wardrobes full of Tod’s Gommino driving shoes – they don’t always fit but when they do I’m prepared to smoke the plastic. HøFSisters are firm believers in “you get what you pay for”. Cheap shoes last for about 7 extremely long strides and then they’re in the bin. Tod’s last forever. Three words. Cost per wear.