Hit the high street and you’ll see that all of the fast fashion retailers are stocking rail upon rail of variations on this summer’s hottest trends. You may have heard us saying that we’re not really ones for fads here at HøF HQ, normally preferring to stock our wardrobes with classic, timeless pieces, but even we get drawn in on occasion. And this summer, trend fashion is drawing us in like a moth to the flame. Here’s our list of this summer trends and how to incorporate them (in a vaguely sustainable way).

7 Trends To Embrace This Summer


SS17 Trends: Embroidery

Source: Trendsylvania

Venture into the Westfield, and you can’t see the clothes for the embroidered garments. The Bardot embroidered top is amongst the most popular and comes in an almost unfeasible number of colour combinations, but it doesn’t stop there. Embroidery can be found up the seams of jeans, decorating bombers and denim jackets, on t-shirts, sweaters and even mules. To incorporate embroidery in a sustainable way opt for neutral colours, for example black and white would be more timeless, or else customise your existing clothing with embroidered sticker patches from Liberty.

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The Shirt Dress

SS17 Trends: The Shirt Dress

Wrap-around and classic shirt dresses are in vogue. A crisp white shirt dress is my particular favourite, paired with a pair of black loafers or slides and a black bag – minimal and chic. This is a fantastic trend to embrace because of the very fact it’s not really a trend; you’ll be able to wheel it out year after year. Classic white shirt dresses are easy to find, although you may need to try a few on as getting the right length is going to be important, also the opacity can vary and some may require a slip. Gap, M&S and Boden all have decent, affordable versions.

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SS17 Trends: Stripes

Stripes were massive at SS17 Fashion Weeks last Autumn and they’ve lived up to the hype. Fat stripes, thin stripes, multi-coloured stripes, you name it. For a more sustainable way to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe, opt for thin, pinstripe or Breton, which will all have longevity, provided the cut is good and the colours not too zany. See the beautiful blouse from Zara featured in our last post for inspiration.

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SS17 Trends: Sliders

Source: Fashion Agony

Like the pyjama trend before it, the slider trend basically allows items previously only worn in the bedroom to be 100% acceptable in public. So if you, like me, rather like the idea of wearing your slippers out and about, hoist yourself up onto that glorious, fluffy bandwagon. And, boy, what choice there is. As a size 9, it’s usually a bit of a nightmare getting shoes on the high street, but with sliders I fit easily into an 8 so can take my pick of the best. A few of our favourites are below.

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SS17 Trends: Floral

Source: The Fashion Tag

It may feels like floral comes around every summer, and it probably does. But the massive embroidered trend has given floral a new lease of life. Zo and I haven’t done a huge amount of floral – perhaps too busy or girly for our usual style. But it’s a cheerful and versatile trend; one that can be incorporated in a number of ways, including accessories. Gucci has taken the lead with it’s hugely popular range of floral handbags, but there are plenty of high street options too. Dress-wise, Ridley does some beautiful floral dresses, including maxis that I am told come up very long.

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SS17 Trends: Gingham

Source: Sophie Mhabille

If Gingham were a celebrity it would be Kim Kardashian; seemingly everywhere yet no-one’s quite sure why. That said, while reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz or a tablecloth, Gingham comes in such an array of colours and styles that you won’t struggle to find something a little less Dorothy and a little more Bardot. I’m actually quite keen on black or navy and white Gingham which, with the right cut, offers a more grown up version of the print. Perfect for summer holidays or pairing with white jeans and block heels for warm City night out.

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Pom Poms

SS17 Trends: Pom Pom

Source: The Fashion Spot

Yep, really. They adorn everything from key chains and handbags to skirts and blouses – pom poms have gone viral. A tricky one to incorporate with any kind of longevity or sustainable conscience, but festival season has begun and pom poms are at least as important as your tent pegs. The more colourful the better and, when the festival season has come to an end, put them somewhere safe for next year.