We have reached the moment when we start thinking about turning the heating on. A little shiver, a stroll to the thermostat, a reluctant decision to add a few more layers and hold off a little longer. Cue cashmere. In the luxurious form of a dressing gown, socks, scarf, onesie, hot water bottle – you name it. HøFSisters love comfy cashmere jumpers, a core hygge component (a wonderful Danish word to describe a feeling of cosiness & wellbeing).

Cashmere is expensive, so invest in a great piece that you will wear year after year. HøFSisters struggles to find high street cashmere jumpers that are a) truly 100% cashmere and b) long enough for our limbs. To keep costs down there’s an element of fabric scrimping going on which excludes us tall girls. PLEASE do let us know if you do find great high street cashmere – we would love to be proven wrong.

HøFSisters Top 5

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

Filippa K Cashmere Roller Navy

Filippa K – we often find Filippa K lurking in our favourite boutiques. Each discovery earns a little HøF whoop because this wonderful Swedish brand is tall girl friendly and stands for EVERYTHING HøF believes in. See their mission statement below:

Simple fashionable garments with a clean design. Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine and long-lasting in both style and quality. Based on real needs and real experiences, Filippa K offers fashionable style solutions for the challenges of modern life, all with a Scandinavian twist.

HøF written all over it.

As with many HøF preferred brands, best to find Filippa K in your local independent fashion boutique (HøF for Indies) like KJ’s Laundry, but you can also order on their ecommerce site or find a selection here at Zalando.

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

360 Sweater Ceres Jumper

360 Sweater  – this American knitwear brand is the first one I name when tall girls ask me about cashmere jumpers with long arms. The quality is stunning, the sleeves are generous in length and the choice of colourways always interesting and relevant. They’re not cheap but cashmere never is and when it comes to this brand, you get what you pay for.

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

Rag & Bone Natasha T-Neck

Rag & Bone – we’ve featured Rag & Bone before for their generous sleeve length. It’s one of those brands you will find yourself reaching for in your wardrobe time and time again – clothes you love to wear. Again, not the cheapest of brands but the styling is always on point and this one is perfect for layering up.

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

Wildfox Embellished Heart Jumper

Wildfox – another fabulous brand for generous sleeve length. We have banged on about Wildfox before for it’s high quality and catchy statement jumpers. Their long sleeved sweaters are stocked at ASOS, although you may need to look to boutiques and high end retailers such as Harrods for the cashmere styles, such as this heart embellished version pictured above.

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

Joseph Self-Tie Fastening Sweater

Joseph – one of HøF’s favourite cost-per-wear brands, a great Joseph piece will never stop working for you. Sophisticated tones and luxurious textures which immediately make you feel grown up – in a good way. The kind of grown up we are proud of – the one which can spot Peter Pan a mile off and knows drinking tequila shots on a Sunday night is a bad idea. It may seem dull at the time but it’s going to do your long term prospects a whole load of good. Always keep an eye on The Outnet for classic Joseph pieces at discount.

And worth a special mention…


Cocoa is worth a mention because it is a fantastic London-based knitwear brand. We love their vibrant colours – if you are bored by neutral tones and happy to sacrifice over the wrist sleeve length then you must take a look. Please note, that Cocoa is not typically a tall girl friendly brand, however their latest batch of neon two-tone jumpers pleasantly surprised in sleeve length, so for that reason they warrant a mention. If you, like us, thoroughly enjoy a rail of neon, head to small fashion boutique Bazar in Barnes to see the latest Cocoa Cashmere collection. Also found in the excellent Rutland-based Cavells.

Cashmere jumper sweater tall women long arms length

Rails of neon Cocoa Cashmere in Bazar


Duffy’s cashmere is beautiful. Indescribably soft – typically more of a spring/autumn cashmere than a winter warmer but it’s always elegant and chic. It gets a special mention because most sleeves are long enough BUT NOT ALL. So try before you buy (at Question Air, for example).


If you really don’t want to invest hundreds of pounds then look to menswear high street brands, like this classic V-Neck from John Lewis. We absolutely encourage you to delve into menswear and this one will leave you enough change from £100 to buy the matching socks (does anyone else always have cold feet in bed?)

2 cheap and easy ways to keep your cashmere working for you indefinitely:

1) get a comb for de-bobbling. Bobbles will stop your cashmere looking expensive very quickly

2) chuck a load of conkers in your wardrobe and all over your house – they will keep the moths away. No idea why it works, but it does. Perfect excuse for a fresh autumn walk.

Conkers tricks how to keep cashmere safe

A Conker A Day Keeps The Moths Away