Tall Jumpsuit Longer Length Onjenu

So if you hadn’t already guessed, the seemingly random musings of our past are the back story to our future.

Maybe it’s the sun. Or maybe it’s the fact that a tulip has opened up its perfect, brightly coloured petals in the concrete patch I like to call my garden. But today has been a good day and I want to talk about what we’re up to.

Zoe and I are on a mission to source beautiful, high quality clothes which look great on tall women.

This involves pounding the streets of London (and beyond), visiting every boutique, questioning all and sundry, trawling the internet endlessly and trying on almost everything we can ferret our elongated limbs into.

Typically, there’s not much to report. But on occasion, every so often, we find a TOTAL GEM. Today was one of those days.

One word.


And Zoe’s not taking this one back.

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