HøFSisters style unique high tops by Italian sneakers brand P448

So, two weeks ago, I made the fateful decision to pick up my dusty racket and accept an invitation to play a bit of tennis with a girlfriend. Nothing too serious, by the way, merely a knockabout on the court because the sun was shining, we were in the mood, and what the hell. Unfortunately for me, fate had other ideas. Half an hour in, I was just getting into the swing, when, lunging forward to make a shot, I heard a loud snap and felt something hit me on the back of the leg. Except this actually transpired to be my Achilles tendon rupturing, like an overstretched elastic band. Writing this now, it sounds so much worse than it actually was – in reality there was absolutely no pain, just numbness and nausea, and the awareness that something in my body had gone horribly wrong. Long story short, I’m stuck in a cast for ten weeks (only 56 days to go!) while my previously undervalued and unappreciated tendon miraculously reconnects itself.

HoFSisters style high tops by Italian sneakers brand P448

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The result? Life has slowed down quite a bit. No driving, and no ability to self-propel myself beyond a 800m radius of my house, has narrowed my horizon somewhat. But I have started to appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of my situation. Living in London, there is not much I need which can’t be found within this radius; and the rest can be dealt with by a combination of Ocado, Uber and Amazon.

HoFSisters style high tops by Italian sneakers brand P448

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Hurrah for simplicity! And looking at this week’s outfits (shot while still blissfully two-legged), it strikes me that this is often what’s needed in our wardrobes too. For my look, the classic combination of a crisp white T and stone-washed denim has been elevated with a minimalist cocoon coat, from one of my favourite recent discoveries, Harris Wharf London. The sleeves do err on the short side, but it is the perfect coat and time of year for rolling up the cuffs. It comes in a huge array of colours and works well as a lift to a casual wardrobe.

Zoe wears unique high tops by P448

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Hannah, meanwhile, is in a simple grey jumper from & Other Stories, and a classic leather All Saints mini from a few seasons ago (similar style here). Also erring on the short side, this skirt requires 100% commitment to getting out your summer legs. Hannah now swears by Vita Liberata Body Blur for covering all blemishes and giving a beautiful golden glow – results recently revealed on instagram! (Not here mind you)

P448 Love White Tec High Tops with leather mini skirt & Other Stories jumper

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Of course, the simplicity inherent in these outfits is designed to draw attention to our favourite HøF brand, P448, the Italian designer behind these unique high tops. We still have a couple of pairs left in each of these styles, as well as several other styles in the HøF Shop, but they will only be available for another few weeks, lovely people, so if you fancy yourself in a pair, don’t delay! And remember: 20% off with FFHOF20 at checkout.


Unique high tops by Italian brand P448


HoFSisters style high tops by P448, in the style of Golden Goose


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