We’ve all walked about in painful shoes all day, rueing the moment we decided it would be a good idea to squeeze our feet into those beautiful pointy heels. Recent media focus on employers forcing women to wear heels as part of antiquated dress codes have done nothing to ease my personal resentment of daytime heels. At least now the widespread popularity of block heels has done something to improve comfort levels but there’s nothing like the warm pedal embrace of a trainer to put a spring in your step and, in my case, make me far more productive. Granted, my job involves hot footing it around London on a regular basis but still, I can assure you I’m generally a much happier person in trainers. The best part is that trainers don’t have to mean casual. They can be styled for smart casual and dare I even say it office wear, and unapologetically so. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the following ladies.

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Whiter Than White

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: The Frugality

If you’re wearing trainers to the office, make sure they’re bright white and you’re wearing them with classic office wear – tailored trousers, blouses, blazers, sophisticated dresses and smart handbags. It will work because the rest of you looks sharp.


A Polished Finish To Match

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: furijebniaep.tumblr.com

Zoe and I are big fans of high tops.This look works because her glittery high tops are paired with smart black skinnies and a stunning complementary blazer. This look can take her through the day and onto the dance floor. Spot on. Likewise below, she matches her chic sparkly top with pale grey sneakers – this time with the addition of a knee length leather skirt. I think you’ll agree she’s office ready?

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Bloglovin’


Dramatic Accessories

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Who What Wear Photo: Style Du Monde

The cropped black jeans and nude trainers work because they allow the accessories to do all the talking. For the accessories think primary colours, bold patterns and elaborate detailing.


Statement Trainer On A Black Canvas

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Instyle

This look is effortless to achieve, yet big on impact. A black canvas is sharp and smart, allowing for zany, zingy trainers and strong jewellery. Cara’s strong eyebrows seem to work particularly well with this look, as a final statement accessory.

With A Crisp White Blouse, A Knee Length Skirt And A Suntan

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Who What Wear

Let’s be honest, a suntan is the answer to a lot of our problems. In my case, this can typically only be achieved at the cost of orange bed sheets and a biscuity smell. Not that that stops me. White and grey are always a really smart colour combination – keep the elements crisp and structured for a sporty office look.

Classic Layering With A Twist

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: LornaLuxe

Ok this may not be totally office appropriate –  the oversized knit, faded denim and high top Converse bring this outfit more into the casual realm. But the blazer and shirt add enough of a professional edge for days when you don’t need to see clients or are out and about doing research or chores.


Elegant Colours

styling trainers for a smart outfit

One thing goes without saying when it comes to styling trainers for a smarter look: make sure they’re box fresh or at the very least, clean. Some colours are naturally going to be smarter than others, and try to avoid styles with too many different colours at play, as they will come across as more sporty. Darker burgundies, navies and greys can all play a smart part well. Suede and leather will be smarter than canvas or perforated styles.


styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Collage Vintage

A great pair of tailored trousers can elevate most outfits to something special. Explore dedicated tailors like Gormley & Gamble for a special investment piece or look to the higher end tall specialists like Marge – these tapered wool pants are just the ticket (and currently in the sale). Pair with smart leather sneakers for a chic office style.

Fishnets & Patterned Tights

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: Free People

Wearing fishnets or patterned tights under cropped trousers can make an outfit with trainers a whole lot more glamorous. Who says it is impossible to be comfortable and chic at the same time?

Legs Like Jenner? Just Add Leather

styling trainers for a smart outfit

Source: The Daily Mail

Wearing leathers in the daytime might seem rather attention-seeking to some. But if styled right, leather trousers can be the most versatile of items. By wearing them with high tops and oversized sweaters you can tone down the overt sexiness of the material. I’m no Kendall but we showed that this was possible in our own way a few months ago… See Leather Trousers For Long Legs.