Humanoid tall jumpsuit onesie fashion womenswear

Fashion tips its hat to obscure trends. You only have to watch runway shows to see that most of it is totally unwearable in everyday life. Taking the Spring 2016 bedroom trend to the school run might result in a few raised eyebrows.

So when I took delivery of this jumpsuit from the Dutch brand Humanoid, the extreme drop crotch made me put it straight back in the box. I will NOT be lumped into the same fashion faux pas bucket as Justin Bieber. Besides HøFSisters had success with the Onjenu jumpsuit – let’s not push our luck.

Curiosity got the better of me and I’m glad it did because this tall jumpsuit is stunning on. It’s made from Cupro, a regenerated cellulose fibre (yes, I did look that up) which seems rather like silk – it drapes beautifully. The shade of blue is almost iridescent when the sun comes out. The drop crotch is… Well. Rather elegant in fact.

Looks aside, it’s how this jumpsuit makes me feel when I wear it. I have a bounce in my step, I can’t stop smiling and I kind of just want to party.

I feel rebellious.

Perhaps that’s because there is something about the block colour, drop crotch, one piece.

It brings out my inner inmate.

Swap the Humanoid belt to glam it up

Swap the belt to glam it up