Sequin bomber jackets for festival season

You may be accustomed to the dramatics emanating from HøF at this time of year. Much like flowering plants and breeding birds, we respond to the seasonal cues of longer days and warmer temperatures by coming up with daring, garish displays to impress, intimidate and infatuate those around us. And this year is no different. We are shimmying our way into festival season with plenty of colour, zany hair styles and, well, a whole load of sequins.

Sequin bomber jackets by Bombers Original, available to buy immediately at HøFSisters

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However, there is one small, but crucial difference to our striking displays this season. We will be keeping them throughout the year. And in the next post, we will style our sequin bombers for everyday wear. Because, in reality, they are incredibly versatile. To date, I have worn my sequin bomber jacket over a corporate dress for a meeting-to-party transition, to drinks at the new White City House (part of the Soho House Group) and out for dinner with an old friend. And it has stolen the show on every occasion.

Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal party in sequin bomber jackets.

For now, however, let’s cover the most important season of the year; that of the festival. Whether you’re going to a small arts and literary festival in the depths of Wales or, in the absence of Glastonbury, hitting Wilderness with 20 friends, this bomber is going to see you through. Throw it on over almost any combination of clothes and you’ll be the sequin-clad, shoulder-riding, dancing queen of the mosh pit.

Festival ready: black sequin bomber jacket


The reversible sequins on the gold jacket allow you to design your own pattern across the entire jacket. Fancy a peace sign on your chest or initials on your back? Just draw with your finger as you would with a pen to paper. Or, if you are thinking sequins without the reversible fuss, opt for the classic black.

Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters style sequin bomber jackets for festival vibes.

If, like us, you are counting down the days until your annual pilgrimage to a muddy field nowhere near you, get your magpie claws into one of these bomber jackets. Just think, it’s the only time of year you get to wear wellington boots, sunglasses, neon brights, face paint and sequins all at once. Trust us, you’ll be emanating dramatics too. 


In these photos, Hannah – in the black bomber – is wearing a size S and Zoe – in the gold – is wearing a size M.


Black sequin bomber jacket - buy now at HøFSisters

Black Sequin Bomber Jacket, Bombers Original, £140

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Gold Reversible Sequin Bomber Jacket, Bombers Original, £140