Rossella Oppes in P448 Love White High Top Sneakers

You know that magical feeling when you order something online and when it turns up and it’s even better in the flesh? Well every single one of the P448’s we have in our shop emerge from their boxes like beautiful butterflies from their cocoons, all shiny and new and vividly colourful. Never is this more the case than with the Love White high tops, which almost make us weep with joy to look at. Zoe and I decided we needed someone with serious cool factor to show them at their best. So we got together with Rossella Oppes, stylist extraordinaire from Sardinia, over the Easter weekend as we thought she would be the perfect model to showcase these high tops in all their brightly coloured glory.

Rossella in Italian high top sneakers.

Rossella shimmied and sashayed until Zoe and I were green with envy and the fantastic @lorenzo_berni had some Vogue-worthy photos. Not only did she manage to make the shoes look more striking than a peacock on full display during mating season, but she also somehow managed to turn a humble Zara shirt into a sleeveless, corseted and knotted thing of beauty. HøFSisters learned from a master that day, but also accepted that maybe we our forte is more standing around and smiling lots. She was so good that when we joined her in the shoot, all we could do was stare at her in admiration.

Rossella x HøFSisters in P448 Italian High Top Sneakers

You can shop Rossella’s P448 Love Whites along with Zoe’s Love Pink VIPs and my Love White Tecs at the HøF Shop. If your size isn’t there we may be able to source you a pair so it’s always worth dropping us an email to or letting us know via the product alert form which shows when a particular size is out of stock. Happy shopping and keep letting us know what you think!

Metallic green and purple high top sneakers from P448

P448 Love White, £148.75 (inc 15% discount with HOF15)

SHOP ROSSELLA’S LOVE WHITE HIGH TOPS (above and below centre)

HøFSisters and Rossella in P448 high top sneakers.