Wear a red pencil skirt to the office with a silk tie neck blouse and bell sleeve coat

I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful song of a small, unexciting looking bird sitting on a telegraph cable. It’s tiny lungs giving rise to a song of such purity and quality that it cut through the dense white noise of the Palm Beach traffic like a razor-sharp knife through fruit cake. Yet, despite his elegant song, the task seemed to me an impossible one. How on earth could he find his mate in such a fast and furious concrete jungle? At that moment I could quite sympathise with my feathery friend.

Wear a red pencil skirt to the office with a silk tie neck blouse and bell sleeve coat

Yet it does happen. The wedding I attended in Florida last week between two great friends is testament to that. From bustling cities half the world apart, these two, highly intelligent and sociable beings found each other in a busy London bar on her first night in the UK. So hope must remain that it is possible to meet people in the real world, not solely through some depressingly superficial digital medium. How to do this without getting drunk on a regular basis remains a mystery to me, but endeavour I shall.

Style a red pencil skirt with ankle boots and a leather jacket for instant street style.

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I’ll admit my experience to date has been something of a theme. Short bouts of dysfunctional, yet highly addictive relationships with men who live their life in a manner devised purely to create content for their autobiographies. This says as much about me perhaps – ever drawn to intensity (mistaken for intimacy), a foolish belief that you shouldn’t deny chemistry and a tendency to neediness after a particularly big weekend. Which is partly why my new favourite sentence is “I just want to meet someone kind” while simultaneously practicing meditation and yoga to make myself a kinder person – laws of attraction and all that. I suspect it’s quite entertaining for my friends to watch and who knows if it will work but, as some clever person once said, “the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results”.

You may be wondering about the relevance of the story to this week’s outfit. There isn’t any really. I could come up with a tenuous connection (it has happened before) but the truth is I just didn’t feel like writing about fashion today. Let’s call it jet lag. However, it would be remiss of me to not mention the outfit at all, especially since this red pencil skirt from Boden has been one of my most unexpected pleasures this spring. Aside from the corporate and layering looks above, I have worn it on various other occasions with a linen blouse, a knotted shirt and a cropped satin bralette. As you know, we love versatility and cost-per-wear at HøF so getting good use out of it makes me very happy. The plain red pencil skirt is sold out but Boden offers some beautiful prints and other colours in tall for spring – some in the sale too! SHOP NOW.

Transitional Style: Layering a statement t-shirt, shirt and leather jacket over a red pencil skirt


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Star leather jacket layered over a denim shirt

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