HoFSisters wear Italian high tops by P448

Almost exactly a year ago Zoe and I started blogging. Brief musings on growing up, having big feet, Danish influences and being dressed as identi-kids by our aesthetics-obsessed mother. The blog that I most enjoyed writing in those nostalgic and slightly cringeworthy days was You Can Find Me In The (Wo)Menswear Department. I (try to) make the point that when growing up we never worried about wearing our brothers’ clothes – we had no concept of girls’ clothes vs boys’ clothes and it was bliss. Whoever dictates that women must look feminine at all times belongs in the V&A Museum alongside petticoats, gentlemen’s clubs and Donald Trump (not that he was even on the agenda yet back then – the good old days!).

Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters in P448 Italian sneakers

A year later we are selling the most exciting brand of unisex high tops and trainers that HøFSisters have ever clamped eyes on. If you could see me, you would see that I am doing a (slightly awkward but truly energised) dance for joy. We’re not only talking the talk, we’re walking the walk. Forget the memories of shopping for shoes in transvestite shops as teenagers, now we can all buy up to a UK11 RIGHT HERE!

HøFSisters wearing P448 high top sneakers

Since we first discovered P448 at the Scoop trade show in February, we’ve been working hard to get these incredible Italian sneakers to you. The name may sound more like a food colouring, or a particularly dry tax form, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Italian designers behind the brand have created some of the most unique designs of high tops and trainers we have ever seen, and we’re in love. Hook, line and sinker. At present, only some of the styles are available in larger sizes but that can all change. All you have to let us know is which styles you love and your shoe size and we’ll work with our partners in Europe to make it happen.

Zoe of HøFSisters in Italian High Top Sneakers

P448 Love Pink VIP, £144.50 (including 15% off with HOF15)

The sneakers are made of Italian leather in a variety of forms – meshed, roughened, full leather – as well as a breathable fabric and canvas. The only brand comparison we can make is with Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, who also design very cool high tops, but at almost twice the cost. Zoe wears the Love Pink VIP high tops, their shiny mirrored tongue and metallic pink scales making them one of our bestsellers so far. I can’t remember the last time I saw Zoe not wearing these since they arrived 1 month ago.

Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters in P448 Italian sneakers

I am wearing the Love White Tec, which feature an attention-grabbing neon yellow tongue. This style is available up to a size EU 46 (let us know if your size is unavailable in the shop), but note that the high top styles come up a little wide so it you’re normally between sizes you can afford to go down. I’m normally a 42.5 and the 42 fit me perfectly.HøFSisters wearing P448 high top sneakers

With regards to styling these high tops, our advice would be to let the trainers do the talking. Keep the rest of the look fairly minimal and neutral in colour and the impact will be perfect. They work just as well with a mini skirt and denim jacket as skinny jeans and a knit – it’s just a matter of personal preference. Either fold the tongues down or leave them to do their thing – part of the appeal is in the relaxed, slightly scuffed, undone nature of the shoes, perfectly in keeping with our own sartorial style. This is not meant to be a polished look, but rather one with oodles of give a s**t attitude.

HøFSisters jumping in P448 Italian trainers

We are exclusively offering loyal readers of HøFSisters 15% OFF with this discount code: HOF15. So, Dear Readers, have a browse and if you like what you see, please have a shop too. You are supporting two new businesses and we will JUMP FOR JOY (as seen above) on every pair sold. We will personally be available to help you with your order at all times – almost 24/7, because I literally don’t know how to take time HøF.



HoFSisters wear Italian high tops by P448

Image by Lorenzo Berni, www.lorenzoberni.com

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Love Pink VIP, Love White, Love White Tec

P.S. Discover who the 3rd set of feet above belong to next week…

HøFSisters wearing P448 high top sneakers