Dress down a tailor made silk shirt with leather pants and a denim jacket for a sharp street style vibe.

As you may know, when you’re 6ft tall and have a job which requires being occasionally smart, finding a shirt that fits properly is a real headache. So we travelled to East London to meet and photograph Kat Lytton, the lucky winner of our competition last year. Her prize? A stunning, fully bespoke silk shirt by Savile Row’s first women’s only tailors, Gomley & Gamble. Find out more about Kat and her experience on the hallowed London street that is Savile Row.

Height: 6ft
Shoe size: 8/41
Age: 32
Occupation: Investment Manager at a Venture Capital Fund

Kat Lytton styles a bespoke silk shirt with a polka dot skirt and ankle shoes for a chic office summer outfit.

Kat styles her fully bespoke white silk shirt from Gormley & Gamble with a polka dot skirt and white shoe boots for her summer office attire.

Congratulations on winning the bespoke silk shirt in our giveaway competition with Gormley & Gamble! Tell us, how does it feel to own a shirt that really fits?

Thanks! I think it’s the first time I’ve won anything, so that’s pretty exciting! The shirt is a great fit – after the first fitting I actually had to have the sleeves shortened which was a nice situation to have for a change!

Style a bespoke silk shirt with a polka dot skirt for a summer office look.

Kat wearing her bespoke silk shirt by Gormley & Gamble

You’ve styled the shirt for us two ways here. How have you incorporated it into your wardrobe? Do you wear it socially as well as professionally?

I went for a really classic cut and colour as I wanted something that I could wear to the office, but also out in the evening or dress down with jeans or leather trousers in the daytime.

Dress down a tailor made silk shirt with leather pants and a denim jacket for a sharp street style vibe.

Kat dresses down her white silk shirt with leather trousers, a denim jacket and classic Superga pumps.

Would you recommend Gormley & Gamble to other tall women?

Yes – the shirt is a great fit and the staff are lovely – it was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed being able to choose every aspect of the shirt’s design.

Choose some unique features for your made to measure silk shirt, like getting your initials on the cuff

Kat’s monogrammed cuff

How did you feel about your height growing up, and how do you feel about it now?

I didn’t love it to be honest. When you’re growing up you sometimes just want to blend in. Now I mostly think it’s great to be tall and stand out (mostly, but not always!)

Do you wear heels?

Yes! I love shoes and heels are beautiful – they give you a nicer silhouette and I find I walk better in them. Besides, I figure when you’re tall, a few more inches aren’t going to make that much difference!

Style a white silk shirt with a polka dot skirt and white shoe boots for the office in the summer.

Which are your favourite fashion brands to shop as a tall girl? 

Topshop’s tall range is amazing, especially for jeans – I find them the perfect fit and length. Shoe-wise I’m a pretty regular size so will shop anywhere, though I don’t tend to buy heels that are more than about 3 inches high. My latest guilty pleasure was some Stuart Weizman over-the-knee boots, which I’m obsessed with!

Do you use dating apps? If so, do you put your height on them and how do people react to that?

I’ve gone through phases of using them in the past, but don’t particularly like them. It’s hard get a sense of someone from just a photo – I’d much rather meet people in real life (easier said than done!). I put my height as I would rather date someone taller than me – I like to be the small one! Height does seem to be a factor (not just for tall girls) as I noticed more guys started putting their heights on their profiles.

Dress down a silk shirt with a denim jacket

How do you like to stay in shape?

Running and yoga. I run 3-4 times a week before work and do yoga twice. I have a desk-based job so I crave movement. Running clears my head and doing it first thing makes me so much more productive in the day. Yoga’s the opposite in that it’s calming and grounding and makes me more focused. To me they’re the perfect combination.

What is the most useful thing you can do with your height? As practical or as silly as you like!

See over people’s heads at concerts and the theatre!

Choose monogrammed cuffs when designing your bespoke silk shirt

While you’re getting your silk shirt made to measure by Gormley & Gamble, add in a few personalised details like a monogrammed cuff.

What advice would you give to tall girls who are perhaps struggling with their height or simply want to blend in?

You’re not the only one – everyone has their insecurities (height or otherwise), but you can’t change it, so instead of wanting to hide it, let it be the thing that is distinctive about you; it’s actually a great thing to have something that’s unique, especially if you have the confidence to own it. Besides, every generation seems to be getting taller, so by the time you’re old and blending in, you’ll wish you stood out!