Tall Fashion gold shoes oxfords brogues elegant basics cropped trousers white blouse metallic clutch

I don’t know about you but we found the photo of a grinning, naked Andy Murray clutching his Wimbledon trophy in an ice bath rather a delightful antidote to the recent slew of Brexit/weather/media-induced negativity. Granted, our hero of the hour might have bothered to shave or at least trim his mullet, which spent the entire tournament desperately trying to escape from his cap, but hey, look where a haircut got Samson.

So, aside from learning that we must never trust anyone called Delilah, we can also glean from this photo that ice baths are fun having some shiny gold in your life makes you happy. I mean, has anyone EVER actually seen Andy Murray smile before now?


If you need further proof that gold makes you happy then here it is. I have a pair of awesome gold Reebok trainers and I can confirm, that, when wearing said trainers, they do indeed make me happy. Or giddy rather. So we decided Zo should get some gold footwear so she could be giddy too.

Given she’s been on the hunt for a cool pair of Oxfords for some time, she was delighted to discover Charlotte Olympia’s glittery gold Oxfords (in a size 9, whoop!). They are fantastically bling and very classy at the same time, if that’s even possible.

So, you may well ask, how do you style a pair of glittery gold Oxfords?


Now to the juicy part so time to listen up, Tall Girls, (not that you weren’t already) because we’re revealing two more fashion brands for you to get your long limbs into. Next time you walk past a fashion boutique like the epic KJ’s Laundry in Marylebone, London, pop your head in and ask if they have any clothing from Hope (Hope-Sthlm to give it’s proper name) or Humanoid and try it on. Swedish and Dutch respectively, both are super-cool brands, great clothes for tall girls and the very definition of effortless chic dressing.

Tall Fashion gold shoes Oxfords brogues elegant basics cropped trousers white blouse metallic clutch

These News Trousers by Hope are a wardrobe staple; the slightly dropped rise and deep pockets give them an urban edginess and oodles of attitude without being in your face. The blouse is from Humanoid of drop-crotch, criminal jumpsuit fame a few weeks ago. Many of their clothes use this wonderful fabric called Cupro which is like a weighty silk. Divine to wear and feels much more expensive than it is (my kind of fashion).

Gold Metallic Clutch Brogues Oxfords White blouse Cropped trousers tall fashion


A final golden flourish with a metallic Tom Ford clutch, complete with a zip that looks like it wants to eat you, and I am delighted to confirm that Zo is now very giddy too. Just like Andy and I (not as a couple, just to be clear – my hair wasn’t glossy enough). So there we have it. All the pleasure of winning a Wimbledon trophy without the lifetime of hard work and dedication.