Young Fabulous and Broke Playsuit Romper Tall Fashion Clothing Inspiration

Zoe says festivals are like giving birth. After a while, you forget how much pain you were in, remembering only the happiest of times, and decide it’s absolutely the best idea to go through it again. So, as the summer rolls around and festival season kicks in, the excitement builds and the plotting begins.


Well, comfort is the most important thing. You can cover a lot of mileage over a weekend. Flat shoes and a crossbody bag. Or if you’re like me just whack your lippy and money in someone else’s bag. Your phone won’t have any reception (this isn’t London, darling) and even if it does, it will be flat after 5 minutes.

When it comes to dressing for a festival, nothing is too crazy. Our cousin, Happy Harry, is always the Mad Hatter. He’s super tall and lean, with an enormous grin and crazy hair, barely controlled under his top hat. You see him and know immediately that you’re going to have a hangover good time.

Zo and I may not be as creative as Happy Harry with our festival gear but we love tassels, lace, patterns and playsuits, ingredients with which you can’t go wrong.

Tall Fashion Romper Playsuit


This black, lacy Young, Fabulous & Broke romper I am wearing is genuinely long enough in the body (yes, really!) for tall girls. Even the word romper seems to have been created with festivals in mind and it allows for the lightest of packing. YFB also does extremely long maxi-dresses (Tall Girls, another top tip).

Tall Fashion Festival Outfit Inspiration


Zo found this amazing top by Rebecca Minkoff, the Tassel Queen, bought from The Outnet (keep an eye out here because great stuff comes and goes rapidly). Check this alternative we love by Maison Margiela. Eagle eyes might notice that my bag is also tassel-tastic – another Minkoff number.

The zany J brand trousers look amazing on Zo’s long legs. She bought them in a boutique in Oakham, Cavells, worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Rutland. As for the shoes, they don’t come comfier than the faithful Golden Goose mid tops (which are also a great trick for tall girls if your trousers aren’t quite long enough!). Zo looks like she’s ready to have a LOT of fun.



HøFSisters went to Latitude this year, a stunning festival where they actually dye the poor sheep fluorescent pink and make them listen to house music for three days straight. We felt sorry for them initially but I’m pretty sure they felt better than we did by the end.

The odd thing about the human body, it allows you to get through almost anything. Moreover, remain on excellent form throughout. But then you stop. You get home and it arrives first class in the post. You are dreaming of an intravenous drip and an hefty dose of morphine.

But thank god for all of it. For friends, family, sunshine, tequila and the pink sheep. With these ingredients, how can festival fatigue not be worth it?

Latitude Festival Tall Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Latitude Festival

PS Chair cover in main photos kindly loaned by The Donald Trump Toupée Foundation