Festival fashion that will stand the test of time

The anticipation is building. Last year’s Festival Fatigue is long forgotten and the relentless chatter about which ones to go to, glamping or camping and identifying the perfect party team has begun. Zoe’s arduous and time-consuming physiotherapy to repair her damaged Achilles tendon has taken on a new sense of purpose and urgency – it must be fixed by our first festival of the season. Over the weekend, as she was lying on the floor, attempting to fire up her glutes, our conversation turned to festival outfits – not least because one of the themes at Wilderness this year is Double Vision, something we anticipate excelling at.

Festival outfit inspiration

A cost-per-wear mantra can be difficult to uphold during festival season. The urge for uplifting pops of neon, tassels and metallic catsuits tends to set any sustainable sentiment firmly on the back-burner. However, the best way to reduce our environmental footprint is to buy better clothes, less often, and wear them more. So this summer we are challenging ourselves to source festival-ready garb that will last us for years to come. It may not be timeless, classic fashion but it will always have a place in our wardrobes for those times when our only task is the pursuit of pleasure.

Festival season, here we come!

Festival Outfit Inspiration


Pitusa: great festival brands
Pitusa is a high quality beachwear brand designing dresses which will be holiday and festival staples for years to come. The brand employs women owned ateliers, based in Peru, and claim that the cotton is handpicked, woven, and dyed under ethical and fair trade working conditions. The designs are always colourful and fun – the above Pom Pom dress is our pick, at £79.99 from Zalando. Whether it be Ibiza or Wilderness, if the sun is shining, this is on the money.


Festival must-have: tassels

Tassels are an essential feature of any festival outfit. However, while a suede tassel jacket might look great at Coachella, it probably won’t cut it on the school run. Getting your tassel hit in the form of accessories is the perfect way to maximise versatility, and therefore cost-per-wear. Rebecca Minkoff’s selection of accessible luxury tassel handbags are perfect to take you from festival to city to beach and back again. We recommend a cross body or a belt bag – both practical and fun. A neutral colour may get more use in the long term but we’re also seriously coveting the Rapture Small Shoulder Bag in Lake Blue… You can customise your bag with embroidered straps. Also check out her tassel earrings.


Luxury festival brand: Sezane

This online French brand is perfect for seeking out carefree, high quality clothes that you will wear year after year, both at home and on holiday. With plenty of floral, lace trims, feminine detailing and effortless knotting, Sézane offers an array of festival-ready dresses, tops and accessories. Our favourites are below.


HoFSisters wear Italian high tops by P448

Alongside the obligatory wellies, you need comfortable footwear that’s going to allow you to walk long distances, dance for hours and look the part. That’s no mean feat. My P448’s have pounded the London streets, taken me on a beach holiday and soon I’ll be packing them for my first festival of the year (Latitude, July). They are high quality shoes and as such breathe extremely well – no hot feet in these bad boys and with their neon, glittery and metallic pops you will be the envy of your fellow revellers.

SHOP P448’s

Denim Shorts

The perfect denim shorts for a tall girl

If in doubt, chuck on a t-shirt over a pair of denim shorts, add your tassel bag and you’re hot to trot. Denim leaves a mega environmental footprint, so find a pair that you can wear for years to come. This means not too short, not too long, not too distressed and just the right blue. I swear by my pair from Hush and would recommend them to any tall girl. They still sell almost exactly the same pair, costing £45.

Neon Pop

Festival necessities: neon

Let’s be honest, the sun isn’t going to shine everyday – it will likely even rain. I bought a metallic wind cheater jacket from Superdry a few years back and it’s a staple in my festival packing. It has zip up pockets for my phone and money and it lives wrapped around my hips until it gets chilly. Also – kill two birds with one stone by going neon. I cannot tell you how useful this is for finding lost party members. When you’re tall with neon pop, all you have to do is put your hands in the air, say “On me” and they will come.


Catsuit: Festival Essential

Ok this one probably wouldn’t feature on our cost-per-wear radar but we’re going to throw it out there. Whatever they say, you’re never too old to wear a catsuit. Just make sure you get one that’s long enough in the body (camel toe is not a good look). A friend and I got drunk last summer and decided to hit Brixton in Burnt Soul catsuits. It was a cracking night, so I can attest for their fun factor. They’re not cheap but if you’re a regular festival-goer a catsuit is nigh on essential. Check out these particularly zany numbers. I am 6ft1 and this was just long enough so be warned if you’re taller…

Happy Festival Season!