Hannah in an embroidered blouse from New Look

Embroidery rather reminds me of a Jane Austin-era novel; the men drinking and talking business in one room, women reading and stitching embroidery in another. I like to think I would have been something of a rebel had I lived then; sneaking out without a chaperone, hooking up with the beautiful stable lad and generally causing great embarrassment to my long-suffering parents. Either way, I’m fairly certain embroidery wouldn’t have been my hobby of choice. Nevertheless, its renaissance cannot be ignored, the high street being so weighed down with it that Elizabeth Bennett would have been far too busy stitching to be wooed by a half-naked, dripping Mr Darcy.

Hannah in an embroidered blouse from New Look

This summer embroidery adorns everything from clothes to shoes to accessories. To get better cost-per-wear opt for predominantly neutral colours, avoid tassels and other fraying ties or chords, and select a style with a beautiful cut which will help it stand the test of time. This blouse is from New Look and the beautiful off the shoulder Bardot style adds a timeless edge to an otherwise trend-driven look.

Hannah of HøFSisters in an embroidered blouse from New Look

Embroidered Bardot blouse, New Look, £22.99. Embroidered skirt, Zara, £29.99.

Ordinarily I would pair such an elaborate blouse with something simple on the bottom half but I’m not convinced that this is a trend you can take on half-heartedly. A stylist friend of mine, the very talented Bees & Taylor, says “just go for it” when it comes to this kind of in-your-face flower power. So I did.

Hannah of HøFSisters in an embroidered denim skirt from Zara

Embroidered skirt, Zara, £29.99

The floral embroidered denim skirt is from Zara and is a perfectly demure length for long legs. If you don’t want to go all out embroidered, or feel the whole look might be too “young”, pair it instead with a simple white t-shirt and pumps for a classic casual look. A denim skirt has been missing in my wardrobe since my teen years, but this summer, paired with my Vita Liberata Body Blur, it’s going to be useful for day-to-day running around, as well as festivals and parties.

Hannah of HøFSisters in heart shaped sunglasses from ASOS and an embroidered blouse from New Look

Monks Heart Sunglasses, £10, ASOS

On the subject of festivals, these heart sunglasses are going to be fixed firmly on my face. I feel so like a besotted cartoon character with my giant heart eyes, I’ll be telling everyone I love them before we’ve even pitched out tent. And at £10 I won’t be too heartbroken when I inevitably lose them.

Hannah styles the embroidered trend with classic white pumps from Superga

White Classic 2750, £50, Superga

As for my footwear, I’ve invested in a brand new pair of box fresh classic white Superga. I do love them so. Comfortable footwear that you can truly wear everywhere and with anything. How long I can keep them white in the current rainy conditions is another question. But for now I’m going to pop them on and head out to look for that beautiful stable lad.

Hannah Sharman in an embroidered blouse with heart sunglasses