Tall fashion ideas: athleisure and sporty looks

What exactly do people mean when they talk about ‘athleisure’ wear? Does it mean regular clothes that make you look like you go to the gym? Or maybe lycra that you would happily wear to the pub? I’m not really sure that it’s either of those. But I’ll happily bandy the term around for the purpose of this blog, since I’m sporting go-faster stripes which I would happily wear while taking part in leisure activities. There. Maybe a form of athleisure-lite?

In reality, 80% of what I put on in everyday life is somewhere on the scale between activewear (cue hilarious youtube video) and athleisure-wear, with the odd foray into dressed-up glamour. As a general rule I am loathe to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics unless absolutely necessary, and I’m sure that is the case for most of you too.

Styling tips for tall women: athleisure

Sporty Jeans, £35, Next Tall

These sporty-style jeans are from the extensive Next Tall range, and they have proved to be both comfortable enough for everyday and capable of being dressed-up for social occasions (Mum’s Night Out!) – not bad for £35 in my book. The navy peacoat is also from Next Tall, and the eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise it from Hannah’s recent faux leather shorts blog. It’s a versatile and stylish addition to our HøF wardrobe, particularly suited to those tricky spring days when winter seems to momentarily reappear.

Clothes for tall women

Navy Peacoat, £60, Next Tall

The fabulous shoes are the Christy Gold flats from Lucy Choi – fast becoming my absolute favourite footwear. If you fancy jumping on the bandwagon, we have an exclusive discount code for our readers, which has now been extended to include sizes 39-42. Just type in HOF10 at checkout. This code will run for a limited time only, so don’t delay! Please note that this code can only be used with Standard or Next Day Delivery.

Lucy Choi Gold Shoes: size 9 shoes for women with large feet

Cristy Gold Flats, £185 (10% off sizes 39-42 with HOF10)

To bring a bit of feminine softness to the athleisure stripes and military-style coat, I chose a failsafe option; a baby-pink cashmere jumper from Donna Ida. Apart from being beautifully soft and having generous long sleeves, this colour is perfect on pretty much any skin tone, especially if, like me, you have hit peak winter skin. What on earth did people in the northern hemisphere do before the invention of fake tan? I’m practically luminous!

Maybe it’s time for a cheeky St Tropez before the arrival of Spring…….after all a healthy glow works well with any outfit 😉

Tall styling tips: summer knits and stripy jeans

Lauren V-Neck Cashmere Knit, £200, Donna Ida




Jewellery: Claudia Bradby Halo Necklace, £165