Claudia Schiffer flares tall long legs

Flares look better on tall people. It’s a fact. Sorry but they do. In fact, let’s be honest, the only reason we’re sometimes jealous of petite girls is because they can be picked up with ease by the adonis we’ve had our eye on and swung round the dance floor like they’re a blow up doll. In reality, while said adonis may not have succumbed to the same lethargy-inducing temptations (Deliveroo and Uber most pertinently) as the rest of us, the only time he’s picking up his girlfriend is to bench press her. Who on earth wants to be picked up by someone who gets turned on by the new Bodymax squat rack? Not me.

Claudia Schiffer flares tall long legs

Anyway, I digress. Dear Tall Girls, embrace trends that look good on long legs. Don’t complain about not being able to find straights or skinnies long enough. Get boot cutting and flaring all the way to the end of your supermodel legs (Claudia Schiffer in MiH Marrakesh above, case in point).

Yes, flares may bring back memories of being an awkward gangly youth or smoking too much weed but hey, it might be fun revisiting the past. Plus get the right pair and you’ll be replacing old memories with new.

I found this disgracefully reduced BA&SH pair in my new favourite shop, KJ’s Laundry in Marylebone. Raw hems to really gather the dirt too. Try Made in Heaven Marrakesh (check the Outnet for bargains) or Frame Denim Forever Karlie too. They’re GREAT.


Han rocking the flare

Dagmar Noelle Sweater