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The last time I wore culottes was at school. I know. Seriously, what kind of school makes its pupils wear culottes? Well, mine did. It also made us wear white shirts with high, frilly collars and hideous, shapeless, blue blazers. We styled this look with an obligatory bright red rape alarm. The message to parents was: we will keep your daughters safe.

We did our best to make our uniforms cool. We wore our culottes low on our hips so they dragged in the dirt. We untucked our shirts at the back so we could show our inner rebelliousness. We wore as high heels as we could get away with.

Well I say “we”. Of course, I mean everyone other than me. My culottes were mid-calf at best. Even if I had been able to find shoes with heels in my size, I was so self-conscious that every extra inch was the enemy. I slouched through my school years.

The irony is that culottes are now in; not only are they on trend but they look fantastic on long legs. On a calm sunny morning before the predicted Easter storm, I find myself reaching for my faux suede Zara culottes. They are good “in-between” season wear – the suede keeps out the chilly breeze, but the cropped length hints of warmth to come. I am wearing mine with a beautifully-cut ALC top from one of my favourite curated boutiques – Joseph on Old Bond Street. You may recognise the stunning J.Crew lace-up flats from HøFSisters’ Instagram feed – sold up to a UK9.5. These are a staple in my spring wardrobe.

A couple of styles of culottes for you below, including a colourful pair by MSGM from Farfetch and a classic Weekend Max Mara pair from Matches. Let us know how you style yours and tag HøFSisters on your Instagram.

Our work today is done. Time for an Easter tipple.

Happy Easter xx


MSGM Faux Suede Culottes

Matches - MaxMara

Weekend Max Mara Verace Culottes at Matches