Zoe of HøFSisters Spring Fashion InspirationI absolutely love the first morning of the school holidays. The extra couple of hours in bed, the lack of urgency over the breakfast table, the second leisurely cup of tea whilst flicking through the previously unread Sunday papers. A morning to be savoured.

Of course, by Day Three it’s a very different story, and one which doesn’t have to be spelled out to anyone with pre-teen boys under their roof. But for now let’s ignore that reality and stick with savouring Day One.

Zoe of HøFSisters in a pink suede jacket

So today’s blog is showcasing an outfit that suits the mood of this particular day. Effortlessly put together, unruffled, and easy to manage. The calm before the storm, a picture of serenity and zen-like poise. Wouldn’t it be nice if this could be achieved as a matter of course, powering on through the weeks ahead, unperturbed by any impending unrest?

Zoe of HøFSisters Spring Fashion InspirationThe jeans are Current Elliott The Fling from Question Air, and they are enormously comfortable, as well as being literally enormous – they are the only size 27 I have ever fitted into, 28/29 is my usual, so do size down if you fancy trying a pair.

The Jimmy Choo flats are my ideal footwear, no nonsense, minimal and beautiful – the best friend of the size 9s! Ok, 8.5’s…

Zoe of HøFSisters in a Mango pink suede jacketAlso from Question Air (one of the friendliest boutiques in south west London), is this Rails Pigment Stars Carter Shirt, an absolute wardrobe winner in my book. Easy to both dress up and dress down, this shirt wins hard-working item of the week, and the soft denim colour is incredibly versatile. The ice-grey suede jacket from Mango comes in a close second, incredibly good value for real leather at £150 and looking more like a designer label, judging by the number of comments I have received so far! In fact, Mango is currently rivalling Zara for the number of on-trend, reasonably-priced jackets it is putting on its rails.

Zoe of HøFSisters in a blue Rails shirtMy cross body bag is a Mrs Robinson Tally, exclusive to Question Air, and very much an everyday, just-big-enough-to-hold-my-essentials type number. Et voilà! My serenity is complete!

Just don’t ask me to feel the same on Day Three…..



Bag, Mrs Robinson Tally, £195

Shirt, Rails, £137

Jeans, Current Elliott, £180

Suede Jacket, Mango, £150

Necklace, Claudia Bradby Savanna Collection, £165

Shoes, Jimmy Choo, flats from £295