Breton stripes stripy dress tall fashion cross body bag

How to dress may seem a trivial decision following the dramatic week we have just had. One which tested democratic principles and, I suspect, many friendships to the limit.

While it may not be debated by every media channel on earth, what clothing you choose to wear could give back a small, but crucial, element of control in a confusing time. Dress in a way that makes you feel the best version of yourself, salvage any imploding friendships (stop Facebook bashing) and put your best Superga-clad foot forward.

Brexit fatigue dealt with, we can get back to the most important issue in hand – seriously, what is up with this weather?!

The weather is as confused as the post-referendum landscape. Periods of enlightenment and warmth punctuated by angry, thunderous outbursts and rather depressing, damp squid interludes.

How on earth do you decide what clothes to wear when the weather you leave the house with is completely at odds to the weather you arrive at work with, let alone its status when you arrive back home again at the end of the day?

Breton stripes stripy dress tall fashion cross body bag

Zoe answers that question with this simple yet sophisticated dress from Gestuz, a Danish fashion brand (whoop, whoop!) which punctuates our wardrobes in the most delightful ways.

The weather in London was muggy, then wet with a chill in the air, then sunny and warm again as we shot this, but Team Denmark nailed every climatic curveball thrown at them.

Breton stripes stripy dress tall fashion cross body bag unisex shoes

The stripy dress is of seasonal yet sensible length for a tall girl and bare legs are the best way to go when summer rain is a threat. There is very little worse than sitting in cold, wet trousers (or having to squat under the hand dryer), when a quick, bare leg rub down with a towel will suffice. The long sleeves are indeed long (Zoe has arms which would put an orang-utan to shame), keeping out any chill and avoiding the need for a jumper which, on contact with rain, starts to smell like my Labrador Vinnie after a swim in the Serpentine.

The drawstring on this dress is perfect for tall girls – play around with it and tie the waist wherever suits you. Do we even need to talk about Breton stripes as a great fashion trend? We love them, see here.

Flat shoes are best with this look – sneakers, pumps or even brogues, which look fantastic on long legs and are, as an added bonus, easy to source for large feet. Zoe is wearing classic, white Superga, which are unisex and so comfortable (not to mention Italian), and her black DKNY leather clutch which handily comes with a cross body strap.

Breton stripes stripy dress tall fashion cross body bag

In or out, HØFSISTERS will continue to fill our wardrobes with wonderful European brands, like Gestuz and Superga, which are so fab for tall women.