Zoe of HoFSisters styles breton stripes

As you may well know, the Netherlands is a nation of generally very tall and very cool people. So, top tip: seeking out Dutch brands is a good place to start when on the hunt for tall style.

A great brand discovered on one of the HøFSisters boutique-crawls across London is Maison Scotch, of Dutch house Scotch & Soda. I want to consume everything Scotch & Soda, including their banana face and Maccie D’s embossed sweaters. Yummy.

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Imagine the HøFJoy when we found this hoodie which combines two trends we love: nautical and athleisure. Both just happen to be gender neutral too. Which, you may know by now, we’re quite into.

Originally of French naval heritage, the Breton shirt was adopted by Coco Chanel in her 1917 nautical collection. It has been a fashion staple for men and women alike for nearly a century – donned by iconic figures such as Marlon Brando, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and most recently the Duchess of Cambridge.

Maison Scotch Home Alone Hoodie - longer length and beautiful quality

Breton stripes via the Netherlands

Born in the 30’s, the humble hoodie has had an extraordinary journey via freezing New York warehouses, sporting side lines and various subsets of urban culture. It was adopted into mainstream fashion in the mid-20th century when girlfriends of American football players began borrowing their boyfriends’ clothes.

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A hoodie with history

Fast-forward to today and athleisure is BIG. If you need proof of this, look no further than Farfetch where there are, at the time of writing, no less than 21 styles of women’s hoodies and 15 of men’s retailing at over £1000. Haute Hoodie indeed.

So, long story short. You could basically wear this Breton hoodie with nothing else and be a fashion icon. Zo wasn’t up for that (spoilsport) so opted for her M.I.H boyfriend jeans and old friends, the Golden Goose mid tops. She looked so chilled I wanted to pop her in my Gin & Tonic.

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Golden Goose top tip: if you have big feet go mid-top over high top. And yes, you can buy mens!

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PS Not everything Scotch & Soda is tall-friendly. Try before you buy.