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Had dinner with the Scot last week. As every girl knows, you cannot underestimate the vital role an outfit plays when meeting up with an ex-boyfriend. I needed to look good enough that he would remember how lucky he was to have been with me, but not so good that a whiff of his Chanel Bleu would have us nostalgically tearing each other’s clothes off.

Denim Culottes & Wang Bralette

I am a little bit proud of this dinner. If I am truly as crazy as I imagine myself to be in the anxiety-laden small hours, he would have changed his name and entered a witness-protection programme.

But he hasn’t, and we’re good friends. Well done me (and him).

So, the sartorial challenge: hot but not too hot. These Waven denim culottes are my purchase of 2016. Not only did they drag me triumphantly out of my skinnies infatuation and into a brave new denim world, but they cost a mere tenner. Discovered when rifling through the Mercantile  “Bargain Bin” in Spitalfields (a genuine treasure trove), they’re high-waisted and A-line which means they draw attention to the slimmest part – the waist – and skim lightly over the hips and bum.

Denim Culottes & Rebecca Minkoff Tassles BagDenim Culottes

This was definitely a time to stand tall – so I rolled out my hottest shoes, black suede Miu Miu’swhich, alongside Louboutin, Valentino, Choo and Blahnik, can be found up to a size 9 and sometimes 10. It’s worth spending the big bucks on one pair of statement shoes – just be selective about when you wear them (i.e not to Fabric at 4am) and buy in a neutral colour. If you look after them you’ll get great cost per wear.

T by Alexander Wang Bralette Satin Black

T by Alexander Wang Black Satin Bralette

The T by Alexander Wang satin “bralette” is beautifully crafted, the back dotted with a neat row of hook and eye fasteners, more corset than bra. The combination of boudoir and burlesque makes me feel in absolute control.

Perfect, then, for dining with an ex.

And for an after-dinner show at The Box.

Not committing naughty acts, even if you are watching them, is success in my book.

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Bag

PS The Waven culottes were a once in a lifetime bargain find, but if you have a Google there’s some great ones out there, like these from Urban Outfitters.