New Year, as we pat each other on the back and say “2017 is our year; this one’s going to be a good one”, as we have every year before, always makes me smile at the innate & unfailing positivity of our friends and family (and I’m sure humanity in general). And you know what? We really believe it this time!

Regardless of this New Year zen, January can be a cold, dark and testing month so we thought we’d share a few ideas for beating the Winter Blues, because, whatever anyone says, we all feel them…

Queens Ice & Bowl

things to do in London bowling ice skating

Long a fan of All Star Lanes, we can’t wait to book a session at the recently revamped Queens Ice & Bowl in Bayswater. In fact Bayswater’s already a pretty cool place when it comes to quirky things to do with Whiteley’s The Lounge Cinema where you are served booze and dinner in your cinema seat, and All Star Lanes, the classic bowl and get drunk venue. Combining sport of any kind and alcohol is always fun so get a group of friends together and make an evening of it. Skate, cocktail, bowl, cocktail, eat, cocktail. Laughs guaranteed.

BOOM Cycle / SoulCycle

Boom cycle things to do in London this january winter

We’re assured by friends in the know that SoulCycle is hot in LA and making it’s way to London imminently. In the meantime, if you’re after an exercise regime that packs a punch, then get yourself to one of two venues in Shoreditch or Holborn for high-octane, very loud and inevitably sweaty BOOM Cycle. Get your endorphin kick in before work and set yourself up for the day. Bikes, Beats, BOOM.

Get A New Hairdo

things to beat the blues

Many years ago, Han went through a phase of changing her hairstyle every time she needed to get over a guy. It became time-consuming and expensive at the rate she was needing a new hairdo. These days, we’re pretty boring with our hair. It’s mostly a variation on long and blonde. But the fact remains there is nothing better to create the feeling of a “new you” than with a new do. In 2017, bangs are having a revival – keep them long so they require less maintenance and you can just sweep them to the side if you can’t be bothered. You can do other easy things like try a new shade of blond/brunette or just add in some layers for extra texture. Before you go mad, have a think about your face shape and do a bit of research into what is going to suit you; because once it’s gone, you’re going to have to live with it for a while…

Smile More, Laugh More (Watch A Funny Film)

hofsisters ways to beat the winter blues laughing

If you’re in a low, self-indulgent mood, just force a smile and keep smiling until you feel better. Because you eventually will. We heard the end of a radio snippet the other day about a guy who was ill (lacking details on the exact illness) who sat down to watch a Woody Allen movie, laughed solidly the whole way through it, and was miraculously healthy by the end of it. We’re not saying watching a film is going to solve all your problems, but having a wonderful, deep, belly laugh is going to make you feel a whole load better. Our favourites: Withnail & I, Life of Brian and The Hangover (Parts I & II).

Pay Someone A Compliment

If you’re struggling for inspiration, use this Compliment Generator, Courtesy of Innocent. It is remarkable how good being nice to people can feel.

Personal favourite: “If we were marooned on an island, I’d be very sad when I had to eat you

Buy This Jumper

flamingo jumper ways to cheer someone up

You’re getting lots of long legs, pretty pink and love hearts all rolled into one with this jumper. Buy it for yourself or for a friend for an immediate pick-me-up. Selling out quickly so BUY your flamingo jumper for £30 NOW.

Join The No Trousers Tube Ride

no trousers tube ride things to do in London

Not for everyone (us included admittedly), although we suspect that the No Trousers Tube Ride (the British version of the No Pants Subway Ride) is likely be strangely liberating. If you want to release your inner exhibitionist, this is your opportunity, although the one proviso is that you must keep a straight face. We think it’s impossible.