Top 5 Exercise Leggings For Long Legs

The thought of longer evenings is spurring HøFSisters to commit more seriously to exercise. The temptation of a sunny beer garden at the end of the day receding with the turning of the leaves.

Perhaps you are more disciplined than us, but our legs in the winter are generally not appropriate for public airing. Pasty, dry and probably unshaven (SORRY, but it’s true) they are best served in a pair of leggings when hitting the gym (or climbing wall, or road, or whatever your preferred method of self-flagellation may be) . Defining and slimming, performance leggings are the ultimate exercise staple. Here are our top 5 for long legs.

HøFSisters Top 5:

Exercise tights leggings tall women long legs

Sweaty Betty Contour

Sweaty Betty – the go to brand of yummy mummies and neon nymphs alike (I don’t think the latter is a formal classification but it should be), Sweaty Betty is also a tall girl’s best friend. Head to the store to find longer length, although the regular length are also totes fine here as stretch means we don’t need to obsess so much about the formal inseam. Zoe has the super-funky volcanic explosion print contour leggings (coming soon on Instagram @hofsisters)

Exercise tights leggings tall women long legs

Lululemon Speed Tight

Lululemon Athletica – again, head to the store to get longer length versions, but these Speed Tights (fairly sure Superman has a pair of speed tights) squeeze your legs like an octopus’s vice. Flattering and supporting, they come in a range of colours. HøF loves the succinctly named “power luxtreme spray jacquard sapphire blue black/black” colour (also know as blue & black).

Exercise tights leggings tall women long legs

Victoria’s Secret Knockout

Victoria’s Secret – I walked past the Bond Street store the other day. The little videos of the Angels in the windows were almost enough to make me climb the scaffolding and jump off. Luckily for me, it was a hot day and I couldn’t be bothered. Nevertheless, I gawped at Lily Aldridge strutting her stuff in nipple tassels for a few minutes (around 45 to be precise) which reaffirmed my decision to exercise more. VSX is the exercise range modelled by similarly “lean” albeit slightly more conservatively dressed women. Many of the leggings come with 3 length inseams and I can vouch for the fact they are very well made (with optional neon pops). Please note (as I didn’t) VSX is imported from the US therefore you get whacked with extra duties and taxes.

Exercise tights leggings tall women long legs

Nike Dri-Fit

Nike Performance Dri-Fit – just thinking about how much I have sweated in my Dri-Fit leggings leaves me dehydrated. They are the gift that keep on giving.

Exercise tights leggings tall women long legs

Adidas Performance

Adidas Performance – these are on Han’s shopping list. To be worn inside the house and outside the house. At all times. Love, love, love.