About HøF

About HøFSisters Tall Fashion Journal: Making Tall Fashion Fun

We are Hannah and Zoe, two sisters based in London (and temporarily Cape Town!), who happen to be above averagely tall. We could talk about how we’ve taken the fashion world by storm and were once muses to the world’s greatest designers; but we haven’t, and we weren’t. We could talk about our lengthy modelling careers and how we’ve inspired women worldwide with our quirky style, but we would be fibbing.

So who are we? Well, we’re just two 6ft sisters, one a mum to tweens and the other a single, flighty thirty-something, trying to make our way in a world designed for the fivers. We visit a lot of shops, try on a lot of clothes and search far and wide for beautiful brands that work for tall women. We care about cost-per-wear and feeling great in clothes, and we don’t obsess over fashion fads. Everything we wear, you can wear too. We share our discoveries through HøFSisters, our Tall Fashion Journal.

Every so often we come across under-the-radar brands that are just so mind-bendingly amazing for long limbs that we’ll get our mitts on some of their garments and offer them directly to you through the HøF Shop. Newsletter subscribers receive an exclusive Friends & Family discount code.

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