End Of An Era

Separated by a mere 7 stops of the 220 bus for over a decade, I have been in denial...

Dressing For An Indian Summer

This is one of the rare occasions I will write about an outfit that could be worn both in...

Dreaming Of Denim Shorts And Rosé

The raindrops are hammering against my windows in a miserable London as I scroll through these sunny Cretan pics. The memories...

Simplicity Is The Key

So, two weeks ago, I made the fateful decision to pick up my dusty racket and accept an invitation...

EXCLUSIVE: High Tops Have Landed On Planet HøF 🚀

Almost exactly a year ago Zoe and I started blogging. Brief musings on growing up, having big feet, Danish...


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About us

Hello, We're HøFSisters!

We are Hannah and Zoe, two sisters based between London and Cape Town, who happen to be above averagely tall. We could talk about how we’ve taken the fashion world by storm and were once muses to the world’s greatest designers; but we haven’t, and we weren’t. So who are we? Well, we’re just two 6ft sisters trying to make our way in a world designed for the fivers.

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Interview With Our Silk Shirt Winner

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Dolly Alderton Interview: HøFSisters question tall girl Dolly on her height, career and aspirations.
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